So Cas Finally Let Me Into The Guest Room (Guest Room Review)

In 2003 The Tunnel Rats released Underground Rise: Sunrise/Sunset with quite possibly the most guest appearances on a Christian Hip Hop album ever. Now six years later Cas Metah has released Guest Room with over 40 guest appearances from artists all over the Christian Hip Hop world, East Coast, West Coast and everything in between, Cas even brings some underground artists from the OH10 to join the party. Guest appearances from members of the Tunnel Rats, DeepSpace5, The Remnant, The Scribbling Idiots, Lightheaded, Future Shock and other artists. Production is also done from all whole spectrum of producers, Dust, Playdough, Vintage, Theory Hazit, Dert and once again many others. So Cas brought the guest appearances (which is a plus in my book) but do these guests deliver on this album?

So after listening to a message from Playdough (where Play-Doug-H calls Cas out on his “frail” body) we are introduced to the first track on the album “I Strain” featuring Cas Metah’s partner in crime JustMe and an appearance from the Cunninlynguists. The track at least in my eyes is about how we have to struggle to accomplish the things we want to in life. JustMe handles a verse and the hook on the track, but most importantly the production is solid on this track (and most of the album for the most part).

The track “Front Runner” is the first out of three tracks that has a whole slew of guest appearances from all over the Christian Hip Hop world. “Front Runner” features Ahred, Sojourn, Ajax Starglider (Future Shock), Sintax The Terrific (DeepSpace5), Sev Statik (DeepSpace5/Tunnel Rats), Griffin (Tunnel Rats) and JustMe (Scribbling Idiots). It’s basically the mainstream rap beat down track and I love it, Griffin’s verse is my favorite verse on that track where he acts as a tour guide and mentor for those who want to be “Front Runners”:

“So you want to be Front Runner huh, be a vicious contender
My name is Griff, let me aid you in your business venture
Any rumor you heard about it is nonsense
Acquiring the title is a serious process”

The “Told You So (remix)” is produced by Theory Hazit and features Masta Ace (who was on the “Told You So” original which is on The Have Nots), JustMe and we also get a verse from Theory Hazit. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, it’s pretty much a battle rap track and all the emcees kill their verse. Theory lets you know “that there’s no punk in my DNA”, Masta Ace that even though “I’m old in age I control the stage” and Cas Metah has one of my favorite lines on this album “Now I’m rocking on the stage, already waiting for haters to fall in line…got them mad at Cas for collaborating with greatest of all time”. After listening to the entire album (Because I was so happy just to have the album) I went back and listened to this (and a couple other songs numerous times….after finally moving on to listen to JustMe’s Before The Twilight)

Since there space constraints with this I have to skip a couple of memorable songs on this album (“Real feat. Mouf Warren and Holmskillet”, “Rhyme Life feat. Listener and Ruffian”, “Die Trying feat. Chapter 13”, “Find Time feat. BC and Playdough) which brings us to “2nd Second (see what he did with the title HA!)” this features Every Day Martyrs (Griffin and Mouf Warren) and Deuce Complex (who I’m not exactly familiar with, but I do know him and Cas made a mixtape a while ago). I can’t remember who produced the beat but the beat has kind of a dark feel to it. I love the hook that Cas used for this song it fits the beat perfectly.

Hopefully by now you’ve been convinced that this album is worth buying, but if you haven’t been convinced yet, the track “Don’t Doubt” featuring Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, K-Drama, Kaz, Mouf Warren, Griffin and Intellect who all happen to be emcees from OHIO. I love this track, but my opinion is somewhat bias since I live in Twinsburg, Ohio but the production is also solid. This song is all about Ohio Pride and is just a fun track to listen to production and the lyrics are solid.

Guest Room is the Christian Hip Hop catalog that people that are on the fence about whether or not they should listen to Christian Hip Hop need to listen to. I highly doubt that anyone will be able to top the number of guest appearances on this album and it was nice to hear different voices from all over the Christian Hip Hop world. Go pick up Guest Room LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!

The Good

Production from all types of producers
Memorable verses from just about every song on this album
The Bonus Track!!!
The beats from Theory Hazit (“Told You So”) and Muneshine (“Laying the Foundation)

The Bad

The album kind of loses steam towards the end of the album


If You Can’t Buy The Album (and you better) Download These Songs

Told You So (remix) feat. Theory Hazit, Masta Ace and JustMe produced by Theory Hazit
Real feat. Mouf Warren and Holmskillet produced by Vintage
Laying the Foundation feat. Lightheaded produced by Muneshine
Don’t Doubt feat. Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, K-Drama, Kaz, Griffin, Mouf Warren, Intellect
2nd Second feat. EDM and Deuce Complex

~ by Michael Stover on June 26, 2009.

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