Economic Stimulus Plan….overrated….How About Lyrical Stimulus Plan (Change’s Stimulus Plan Review)

ImageSo I’ve been on the Sphere forums for about six months (don’t worry I’ve been into SphereofHipHop for the past three years) I remember when I first jumped on the forums I saw advertising for Change’s album an EP whose name escapes me and had guests from everywhere. I decided to investigate and actually downloaded Change’s LP, Same As It Never Was and loved it. So naturally when I got Change’s new FREE EP The Stimulus Plan in my email I was psyched to hear it.

Change has an ability that many artists lack and only a few artists have mastered (Braille, JustMe, Theory Hazit some prime examples), the ability to strongly relate to the listener. I honestly believe Change is the best in that department, his lyrics convey the pain that we all go through in our lives and how we have to follow God to get through this pain. Does Change’s The Stimulus Plan provide the lyricism that the mainstream hip hop economy lacks (hehe see what I did there)?

Now people who’ve listened to his LP Same As It Never Was should remember the song “Savior” (my favorite song off the album). If you liked “Savior” then The Stimulus Plan is an EP made in heaven for you. Most of the album has that dark sound and lyrics guaranteed to hit home for the listener. Anno Domini handled the production on four of the seven tracks on the album.

I won’t ruin the entire EP for you so I’ll go over three of the songs but I will say this album is worth downloading the most of the songs we’re downright amazing from both production and lyrical standpoints. I will say though the only song I wasn’t feeling was “Stick Up” just because of the beat the lyrics were fine. “Family Ties” produced by the previously mention Anno Domini and this track showcases Change’s amazing storytelling talent with three different (or maybe one big) story of issues within families that are legitimately happen in real life, this track just made me think of how blessed I am to a family that loves me and doesn’t hurt me.

“Dedication” is the track that follows “Family Ties” and features Praverb and basically it covers why Change and Praverb rap. They don’t rap for money, honeys or the chains that go with it, but they rap to show that they’re people like us that go through the same things as us. It’s the one track on the EP that doesn’t have that dark sound the rest of the album portrays and it’s a good track.

My favorite track of this EP is “Not A Stranger” once again produced by Anno Domini and goes back to the dark sounding beats. However change brings along Scribbling Idiot Elias to drop a verse on this track. Now I don’t know why, but every and I mean every track Elias is on it turns into a classic (I have yet to hear a bad track that Elias is on). The one thing about Anno Domini’s production is the utilization of the piano it adds to the dark sound and it’s just awesome. If I have the song’s meaning correct (which I’m not sure I do) Change is possibly rapping about the problems that happen during relationships and how even though the problems are hard to get through, the key is that we can get through them and we should still love our relationship partner anyway. In a couple words Elias’ verse says “best friends can turn into strangers”.

This EP is an amazing effort from everyone involved in this EP, Change’s lyrics are easy to relate to. Anno Domini’s production is top notch and we even get guest appearances from Praverb, Elias and a Mouf (sorry I refuse to call him Mouth) Warren beat on the last track which also features DeepSpace5 members Sintax and ManChild. The EP is great and should be downloaded by ALL Christian Hip Hop fans, now if only we can get Change to release a full LP.

The Good

The dark production works well with the dark realistic lyrics of Change
Change is the master of relating to the listener and it shows on this EP
One Word FREE!!!
“Not A Stranger feat. Elias= EPIC!!!”

The Bad

“Stick Up”

Rating: 4.5/5 (So Close To A Classic)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Uhh…hello people the album is FREE!!!

~ by Michael Stover on June 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Economic Stimulus Plan….overrated….How About Lyrical Stimulus Plan (Change’s Stimulus Plan Review)”

  1. nice review homie…the blogspot is awesome

    • Thanks for the props Praverb it was honestly an honor to be able to review this EP and you did good work on it too.

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