#31 “The Lyrical Stimulus Plan”

As some of you have noticed I reviewed Change’s The Stimulus Plan and the album is featured on this podcast along with other tracks that a dark sound production wise, but a very strong message lyrically…I call it The Lyrical Stimulus Plan! Take A Listen!!!

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Track (Artist)- Album

Family Ties produced by Anno Domini (Change)- The Stimulus Plan

Crippling feat. R.U.S.H (Cas Metah)- Providence Road

If I Don’t Make (DeepSpace5)- Unique Just Like Everyone Else

Mama Don’t Cry (Surreal)- Pardon My Dust

Savior (Change)- Same As It Never Was

Dedication feat. Praverb (Change)- The Stimulus Plan

Inside Out (Mars ILL)- Backbreakanomics

Remember (The Tunnel Rats)- Tunnel Vision

American Fado feat. Renee Alston (The Procussions)- 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents

Forgive Me (Sharlok Poems)- Blooming Sounds

An Excellent Few feat. Sintax and ManChild produced by Mouf Warren (Change)- The Stimulus Plan

Perspective (TheBreax)- Restocked

Girl, Interrupted produced by Flynn (L.A Symphony)- Unleashed

Together (Theory Hazit)- Lord Fire produced by Vintage

Bonus Track feat. 3rd Degree (Cas Metah)- Guest Room

Seasons produced by JustMe (Motion Plus)- The Sound Protest

Not A Stranger feat. Elias (Change)- The Stimulus Plan

~ by Michael Stover on July 11, 2009.

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