Forget What You Heard About Nomis and Jeremiah Bonds (Forget What You Heard Review)

Forgotten Heroes, is the perfect name for the duo of Nomis and Artifact (Jeremiah Bonds) because I had never heard of them. It wasn’t until I had listened to Paradox’s album Called To Mind that I heard of Jeremiah Bonds, so I decided to go and see what else Jeremiah had released on I came to find out that he had done an album with Nomis. Forgotten Heroes released an album in 2007 called Forget What You Heard. Now the duo has a lot to live up to in terms of comparing to other duos like JustMe and Cas Metah, The Solseekers, EDM, Cook and UNO along with The Brainwash Projects. One thing the group stresses at least in the first two songs of the album is that they aren’t trying to like the more well-known emcees in the Christian Hip Hop world they simply try to come with their own unique sound. But does it work?

There are two things that definitely standout in this album, first the beats are sick all of them there no filler tracks, all the beats are bangin’ and are meant for that awesome car ride when you’re in the mood for some hard-core hip hop. The other big plus is the lyricism that the duo comes with on every single song. “Clocks Ticking” is a song that covers one of my favorite topics to hear about: Time. Both Nomis and Artifact talk about how the Earth is running out of time and they wish they could go back in time simply to right their wrongs.

“The Eulogy” features Dirt (not the producer of the Tunnel Rats but the emcee) and it’s basically as the song title suggests a Eulogy of the three emcees and how they like to be thought of when their finally gone. And all of them when their gone want to be known as three emcees who did God’s work and did his work well.

“Progression” has my favorite beat in the album it has that haunting slightly dark feel to it. Nomis stresses breaking the mold in this song, trying something different, Nomis does this by doing the track in 9/4 and if I was still playing the saxophone I’d be able to tell you what that means…but I don’t but I do know that it’s difficult to rhyme in 9/4.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is the posse cut that features Insufficient Funds, Ruslan of TheBreax, and Afaar. It’s more or less just the emcees rapping about something different, I think it’s just them introducing themselves as a Crew. Actually I’m not sure if they’re really a crew together (that’s just how Nomis introduces them). If they aren’t a crew this song convinces me that they need to become a crew and fast because they all sound real good together.

“Freedom” is lyrically impressive because it’s not just Freedom in a sense being in America and being able to do whatever we want. But it’s that same freedom to do whatever we want that causes us to be imprisoned by other things in life and the Forgotten Heroes understand that. Drinking, drugs only scratches the surface of addictions and problems that our country faces. Now I’ve learned by listening to many a Christian Hip Hop albums that if you’re looking for a guest to perform on your track about something very serious you call “Da Pointman” Sev Statik and that’s what the Forgotten Heroes did and he just adds that extra firepower to the track.

The Forgotten Heroes have flown under the radar at least in my books and I’m extremely happy I picked up this release. The production on the entire album is one for any hip hop head. Lyrically Nomis and Artifact rip up every verse they have on the album, there are some guests, but not enough to take from the work that the Forgotten Heroes have done on this album. Pick up this album if you love watching two lyricists go back in forth in a fashion that will leave your jaw on the ground.


The beats bangin’ the lyricism even better

No filler tracks

Perfect amount of guests (Ruslan, Dirt, Sev Statik and more)


Will We See A Sophomore Effort?

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic/Don’t Pass Up This Album)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Tracks

1. Progression

2. Clocks Ticking

3. Gallery Drive feat. Insufficient Funds, Afaar and Ruslan of TheBreax

4. Precious Are The Steps

5. The Eulogy feat. Dirt

~ by Michael Stover on July 30, 2009.

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