Can Praverb Be The Center Of Attention (Center of Attention Review)

Praverb, while he’s brand new in my eyes the lyrics he uses are that of a talented veteran. Those how’ve been picking this year’s recent releases he was on Cas Metah’s Guest Room and Change’s The Stimulus Plan EP. After “Dedication” on Change’s EP I was intrigued to see what this artist had released in the past. In the year 2007 Praverb released Center of Attention and while the beats aren’t on the level of a Theory Hazit, S1, 9th Wonder, Ohmega Watts or Dert, the lyrics are on point.

While I usually hate comparing albums to other albums, I’d compare this album to the Surreal and The Sound Providers album True Indeed and Playdough’s Don’t Drink The Water. It’s a great album to listen to from front to back, but it’s missing something and in this release it’s just missing more energy (ala DeepSpace5’s first release A Night We Called It Day).

But like I said Praverb’s lyrics are what sell this album and what should get Christian Hip Hop fans ready to buy this album. “Dead 2 Sin” is my favorite song mostly because Christians should easily be able relate to the subject of this song. One of the things Praverb does really well, is show his ability to relate to the listeners. It basically tells of the change that we all go through after we’ve been saved by the grace of God. A lot of us don’t realize the drastic change, in behavior, language and faith towards God. The chorus of this song tells the message and questions we should all ask:

Am I dead to sin, alive in Christ
Do I follow the land, do I strive for life
Do I do what I can, do I fly with sight
Am I dead to sin, I might raise tonight

This song should be the anthem to Christians everywhere who are walking with Christ, we should all strive to do our best to promote God’s Word with the way we walk and the words we say.

“I Grind” is another great track on this album that has a vintage feel to the beat. It’s about how we’re all on the grind, we all have to work hard every single just to make it in this world. Praverb raps about how he’s on the grind, he’s working hard, doing the right things and it’s still a challenge to pay the rent. What sticks out the most is he’s not chasing the money, not looking for fame and still things aren’t going as planned, which explains our lives as Christians. The one thing Praverb never does though is give up and we should follow that example.

“Tatianna” is the track that got emotionally involved in this album and showcases Praverb’s storytelling ability and I promise you it doesn’t disappoint. The track tells a story of a girl who was abused and… know what I’m not gonna ruin the story for you, but it should have your attention from the minute the song starts, till the track ends. The track should remind some of Braille’s “He and She” from his Scatterbrain album or I think the best example would be Change’s “She Sings” from his Same As It Never Was album.

Praverb brings a solid release with Center of Attention, like I said the only gripe I have with this album is the lack of energy from a production standpoint. The beats are ok some standouts include “Tatianna”, “Dead 2 Sin” and both remix tracks at the end of the album. What makes this album a talent is Praverb’s lyrics, he makes sure the listener knows that he goes through the same things we do. Lyricist fans will fall in love with Praverb’s lyrical style. Now Center of Attention was released 2 years sounds like cough….it’s time for….cough….another release….cough….oh sorry sinuses.

The Good

Praverb’s lyrical style=WIN!

Praverb’s ability to relate to the listener is always pleasing to the ears

“Tatianna” the listener can’t help but be emotionally attached to this track

The Bad

The beats are hit or miss

Where are the guests?!

Rating: 4/5 (Good album/Go Get It You’ll Like It)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Dead 2 Sin


I Grind feat. Trinidad

Time Is Ticking


~ by Michael Stover on August 14, 2009.

One Response to “Can Praverb Be The Center Of Attention (Center of Attention Review)”

  1. wow thank you very much for the review Sto…I need to work on another alubm…maybe in 2011 haha

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