Sev Statik Speaks Life (Speak Life Review)

Sev Statik, Da Pointman, whatever you call him the man is work horse, he juggles being a part of two of the best groups in Christian Hip Hop: The Tunnel Rats and DeepSpace5, while continuing to put out albums from his solo career. Before Back to Dust, Shotgun and some of the group projects Sev Statik released Speak Life which for the most part was produced by The Tunnel Rats own Dert. So if you take Sev Statik’s ability to put the world under a microscope, while teaching you a lesson and Dert’s insane ability to produce amazing beats what do you get. I’ll tell you what that means:

Sev Statik + Dert=CLASSIC!

One amazing thing about this album is the album’s format, it has the perfect balance of solo tracks and guest appearance tracks. I kinda like to think of the album as Sev Statik and The Tunnel Rats, because if one of the Tunnel Rat emcees don’t have a verse you can hear Raphi or Macho handling the hook on a track and it’s great. In fact every Tunnel Rat is on this album except Griffin and Triune (who eventually get their chance on Back to Dust).

After the intro and the first track “All For A Purpose” we get a posse cut called “Warning” which features new Tunnel Rat members (at least they were new at the time) Dokument and Propaganda. For the most part the track says “hey guess what we’re the Tunnel Rats don’t mess with us because we might destroy you…..lyrically anyway”.

Sev Statik handles a lot of topics (I mean A LOT of topics), but two of them always tend to stand out: his outlook on us as a nation and the rap business. “Over the Influence” handles the idea of the mainstream rap business being corrupt. The mainstream raps lies and rappers like Sev Statik bring the truth on every track. Sev stays “Over the Influence” by reading the Word. “Global” is another track where Sev raps on his frustration of the mainstream the only difference is he brings LPG along for the ride. I’ll put it this way if decide that you wanna battle LPG or Sev this track should make you reconsider your decision.

Now the title track on this album is my favorite for many reasons, one the beat is amazing, second Dax destroys the hook and third Sev hits you with so many important subjects it’ll make your head spin. Sev’s first verse talks about he speaks life when he’s rapping these words the line that sticks out most to me is:

“Serving fiends for free cuz my gift is my music, pushing the world to move souls and not units”

The second verse is all about how Sev’s outlook has changed and how he hopes we will live our life’s to the best of our ability. He says when writes his verses he does in God’s name. He goes on to tell us some things that will only help us in this world: staying unique and not conforming to the world’s ways and not being lazy. Sev’s last verse is where Sev talks about us as a nation pretty much saying the Bush Administration (who was “in control” of the country at the time) contradicts what God would have us do. For example, Sev brings up the fact after 9/11, the Bush Administration as we know went to war with Afghanistan, not because they want to defend us from terrorism, but for other reasons. Basically this track should make you think about a lot of things, yourself and the nation that we’re in.

Speak life is a classic album straight up and I think it’s Sev Statik’s best album to date. The lyricism and the topics Sev covers a multitude of topics. Production was great Dert and Peace 586 did amazing on the beats. It had the perfect balance of guest and solo tracks with almost every Tunnel Rat made an appearance on the album. Get the album if you don’t well…you’re an idiot!


The Good

Sev’s lyricism is great and covers many important topics
Production is one for the record books
Guests everywhere!!!
“Speak Life”

The Bad

DeepSpace5 only on one track


If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Speak Life

Warning feat. Propaganda and Dokument

Season of a Tear feat. Zane and Elsie

Global feat. LPG


~ by Michael Stover on August 23, 2009.

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  1. much respect, man. glad you liked the project like that. #humbled

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