BillyBo Gives Us A Little Piece Of Home (A Little Piece Of Home Review)

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So earlier this year I’m sitting in my photography class and instead of doing my assignments I spent my time on (which could be one of the reasons I got a C in that class and because I didn’t try since it was my senior year and it was a blow off class). Anyway during that period of time of March to about May every time I jumped on the site I saw an advertisement for BillyBo’s album A Little Piece of Home and I was slightly intrigued to pick it up, the only problem was I had already told myself I would wait and buy JustMe’s Before the Twilight and Cas Metah’s Guest Room. The entire time though I was thinking I wonder what BillyBo sounds like. Eventually I got my answer when I received Praverb’s The Gospel Is Free mixtape and that sold me into giving BillyBo a chance. A couple months later, I received A Little Piece of Home in my inbox a couple weeks ago and after a few technical difficulties on my part I finally got to sit down and listen.

The first very notable part of about this album from the start is the creative production this album holds. I’d like to say it’s a mix of country and hip hop, but I think the beats are have a little more edge than country. Whoever made the beats for this album did an amazing job in mixing the countryesque beats with the DJ scratches and it has an addicting vibe to it. The point is the album’s sound is one that we’ve either never heard before or haven’t heard in a real long time.

BillyBo actually reminds me of a different version of Change, one that is more personal yet still hits close to home with his lyrics. The second track on the album “Today” proves my point. This track covers what many numerous tracks cover and the idea never gets old: the journey that we’ve taken from the beginning of our lives to the point where we’ve found Christ and even things we go through after Christ has saved us. BillyBo puts everything out there and I think that makes the listener able to relate to BillyBo even more.

Now I got this album about a week ago and the only reason this review wasn’t out sooner is because I every time I would listen to the album straight through I would never get past “One More Mile”. I heard the track on the Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast ( and when I received the album I couldn’t stop listening to this song. The beat has somewhat of a dark feel to it, which is perfect for this song and the lyrics that go along with it. Life is rough for all of us, but the road that we travel is even harder for Christians, we all can personally relate to the idea of “One More Mile”. We all work hard and we all work hard to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves and the goals that God has set before us. For me this song talks about the idea of “being so close, yet so far”. This song is a classic and is one of the songs that deserve to nominated for “Song of the Year”.

“Daddy” is another song that has a topic that has been covered by the likes of MotionPlus, Wonder Brown, EDM and others. The fact that their fathers weren’t there when they needed their fathers. During the first two choruses of the song I got the feeling that BillyBo had some serious hatred for his father. The lyrics to the song is reminiscent of Wonder Brown’s track “Namesake” (from his free EP The Wake). The chorus changes from “Daddy, I hate you” to “Daddy, I love you” which sends a strong message to the listener: we’ve all been mistreated, but we’re called to love everyone just the same.

A Little Piece of Home is a solid album that’s filled with creativity and lyrics that should hit home to the listener. BillyBo even brings along guests: reSearch, Cas Metah, Change, ManChild, Aaron Paul and Phynite, plus the production the unique. The only thing I can say I wasn’t feeling was the remix of “One More Mile” at the end of the album. Other than that go grab this album you won’t regret it.

The Good

Production is one of kind and unique (wait a minute I could’ve swore we asked BillyBo if he could get the instrumentals for this album in the Sphere forums…)

Lyrics hit home and allow the listener to relate even more to BillyBo


The Bad

The beats from the album while they are creative, sometimes slow down the flow of the album.

Rating: 4/5 (Good Album/ Definitely Worthy Of Your Music Collection)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs


The Records That Changed My Life



Chains and Things feat. ReSearch and Aaron Paul

~ by Michael Stover on August 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “BillyBo Gives Us A Little Piece Of Home (A Little Piece Of Home Review)”

  1. just an FYI for readers… One More Mile, Change In Scene, and The Records That Changed My Life (ft CAS METAH and Change) have been featured on the Sphere Of Hip-Hop podcasts. Be sure to check those out. One More Mile is still available for free download from Sphere Of Hip-Hop as well, with an exclusive remix and other extras.

    And, yes, someday I’ll get those beats released.

    Thanks for the review BigSto.

  2. I really like this CD the lyrics are very good. I am a teenage Christian and I really like the beats and the rhythm of hip hop, but unfortunately most mainstream hip hop songs aren’t exactly approved by my parents.
    The way I had gotten this CD was probably a few summers ago BillyBo came to my town and gave a performance and handed out his CDs.

    I am really happy to have this CD he also has the other CD which the songs were also quite good my favorite being “Latch Key Kid” I hope he continues with his continuement in music

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