Mouf Warren and Griffin are Def Defying (Def Defying Mixtape Review)

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As I wait for the members of EDM to release their own solo projects I was told on the forums of that the group released a mixtape called the Def Defying Mixtape. EDM (Every Day Martyrs) is a duo of two brothers Mouf Warren of Scribbling Idiots and Griffin of The Tunnel Rats. Now Mouf Warren is my 2nd favorite rapper of all time and Griffin is 4th favorite rapper of all time so putting them together on one project equals nothing but awesomeness for me. Could this album mixtape be as awesome as I want it to be. One Word: YEEEEEEESSSS!!!

This is another duo album that does most of the things right. The album has guests from their hometown of Defiance, Ohio (which I live in Twinsburg, so I’m assuming Defiance is down south) classic beats from Wu-Tang Clan, Common, Hi-Tek and Just Blaze and others. The album starts off with a hilarious skit, then jumps to the first track on the album “Rulez Cash” using the beat from Wu-Tang Clan’s classic “C.R.E.A.M”. Griffin and a hometown friend of EDM Kaz kill the track. The topic of the track obviously being money and how it clouds the mind of all of us. The beat is hot and the lyrics revive an already classic beat.

So we all know that Mouf Warren and Griffin are brothers, but I didn’t know there was yet another brother with rhyme talent. The song “Cold Food Hot Beer” features the youngest brother Hectic. The track is pretty much saying “Guess what you don’t know the OH-10, but we’re easily one of the best in the game” and I love it. The problem is a lot of the tracks on the mixtape have the topic of saying “Ohio is the place to be for rap”.

“Paper Up” features Kaz (who makes quite a few appearances on the album) whose verses on the mixtape are more or less the same “We rock you suck” which is okay only because EDM changes it up a bit. Griffin’s verse has him dissing the mainstream and at the same telling the listener to take a chance with them.

“Def Tole” is the posse cut on the album featuring Kas, Theory Hazit, Cas Metah and another rapper who I’m not exactly familiar with. Every rapper gets 8-bars and it’s pretty much a freestyle track, but it’s cool none the less.

Griffin showcases his storytelling ability in the track “Nightmare on Clinton Street”. No I pray for Griffin’s sake that the nightmare he describes in this track is something he came up himself (then again if he did come up with it himself his mind is something I’ll never be able to understand). Anyway Griffin does an amazing job painting a picture for the listener. Listening to this you can only hope that you never have a nightmare like this.

“Stay True. Motivate” is my favorite track on the album it features Scribbling Idiots member Cas Metah. The beat for the song is from the classic Common song “I Used To Love H.E.R”. Mouf Warren talks about our motivation to do certain things, such as murder and sin in general. Griffin has one of my favorite verses ever with him talking about his struggle to find motivation and how “In weird way I’m…saying the same people that hated me are the same people that motivating me now”. Cas rhymes on how with out motivation we can’t really get anywhere in life.

The Def Defying Mixtape is a solid mixtape that has classic beats, original beats and talented lyrics. That doesn’t mean that there are no flaws with this. One thing I wasn’t feeling on this mixtape was the language of their guests more specifically of Kaz, he tosses around the N-Word in almost all of his verses. Also the fact that most of the mixtape is basically saying how Ohio is the best in rap. I don’t mind songs like that (I mean “Don’t Doubt” from Cas Metah’s Guest Room was epic) just don’t make half of your album like that. Okay, so Mouf and Griffin have released projects with their respective crew, made an album together can we PLEASE SEE A SOLO PROJECT FROM THESE GUYS (unless that whole Griffin and Cas Metah doing a project is true than I’ll till after that’s released).

The Good

Mouf Warren and Griffin=EPIC

Guests from around the OH-10

Beats from Common, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek and others

19 free tracks of Goodness

The Bad

The tracks about Ohio and it being the best are too many

Too much use of the N-Word

Rating: 4/5 (Good definitely Worth Grabbing….I mean it’s free)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs


~ by Michael Stover on September 2, 2009.

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