Proverb the Poet Rhymes “For the Kids”


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Proverb the Poet has actually been around for longer than people realize. I first heard him on “Success” by TheBreax, then again on “I Got It” also by TheBreax. Every time I listened to him I was always intrigued by his lyricism and thought he sounded amazing with the mike in his hand. Over the summer I was listening to the Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast and one of the songs that came up was “The If” and I kept playing it over and over again for like 2 weeks. Eventually the light bulb went off in my head and realized this was the same Proverb the Poet that did music with TheBreax, I immediately needed to listen to his solo record.

Now before I picked up his solo record For the Kids, Sphere of Hip Hop released “Sunday Thoughts” for a free download and that song honestly sealed the deal for me. Tactik produced the track and he actually samples the 9th Wonder produced beat “Honey” from Erykah Badu’s album. The song seems to cover Proverb’s Sunday, going to church with Beleaf (from TheBreax) and many other things. Proverb’s voice seems to fit the beat perfectly leaving the listener amazed by his talent.

“The If” was the first track promoted on the Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast the beat was produced by MotionPlus of the Scribbling Idiots. The format of the track was what was interesting to me, in the first verse he talks about what a perfect world would be like. In the second verse he talks how the world truly is and in the last verse he talks about a possible solution to “fix” the world.

Some people kind of assumed that when Proverb made this album that it would automatically assume the sound that TheBreax have (slightly more mainstream sounding), but the record is more boom bap sounding. “Right Now” is produced by Nathan Soultrain who produced some hits for TheBreax like “For What” and “Ready to Sell Out”. The track is a banger and features Beleaf (of TheBreax) again for is a track that will have your head banging and your stereo turned up to 11.

“From the Window Pane” is another track that kept me tided over till I received the full record. It’s a track that talks about how rap and hip hop used to be when lyrics mattered and that was what gave you the credit you deserved. Tactik again produces a solid track and one of the things that I love about the production of this album in general is the utilization of the saxophone (which comes in second to my love for the piano). At the end he names some of the groups and artists that influence the music he makes (A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Mos Def) and others.

“The If” is my favorite songs with a lot the other ones coming in close second one of those songs is “Mother Like You”. The production is amazing and done by DJ Jazzy Jeff it just kind of has an EPIC feel to it, Proverb takes the role of storyteller in this one and this is actually a track that I’ve listened to multiple times and am still trying to get the grasp on (no this is not his fault it’s mine for being a bad reviewerJ).

“Sarah Blessman” is the feel good track of the album and should give anybody who listens to it the feeling that they can do anything in this world as long as we have Christ on our side. Proverb raps this song showing his love for life and hip hop and is a great way to round out the album.

Proverb is 18 years old and a Freshman in college (to put that in perspective I too am a freshman in college and I rap nothing like he does) and has so much time ahead of him to further perfect his craft, which is scary by the way. He’s like the LeBron James of Christian Hip Hop! Pick up this album the only real gripe I had with it was the lack of guests you get Beleaf, Ruslan and another guest who’s name escapes me and isn’t on the track list on Sphere.


Proverb is ill with the mike and he’s just getting started

Production is by a lot of people but it still meshes well together


Lack of guests

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic, GET IT NOW!!!)

If You Can’t Get The Album Download These Tracks

  1. The If
  2. Mother Like You
  3. Let’s Go Outside
  4. Sunday Thoughts
  5. From A Window Pane

~ by Michael Stover on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Proverb the Poet Rhymes “For the Kids””

  1. Sounds pretty dope. Ill have to check that out!

  2. […] to post this! This is his debut album “For The Kids” I reviewed the album here and you can now download it for free […]

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