The Scribblings Idiots Are Idiomatic Again!!!

Two years ago I remember subscribing to the Illect Recordings email list and receiving the Scribbling Idiots Idiomatic I Mixtape. The mixtape was a classic and introduced a crew that would go on to release their first debut album and most of the members went and released successful solo projects. So naturally when Idiomatic II was released I got that as soon as possible and noticed a couple changes that weren’t seen in their debut album The HaveNots.

Going through the album mixtape you realize there are more posse cuts than there were on the Crew’s previous efforts. Also those same posse cuts and other tracks on the album feature the extended family that we didn’t see too much of in the previous efforts. In an interview with Cas Metah he told there is no more extended family, there’s just the Scribbling Idiots. For those who forgot the Scribbling Idiots are JustMe, Cas Metah, Mouth Warren, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, MotionPlus, Elias, Kaboose, MattmaN, Re:Flex the Architect and newcomer MuzeOne. MotionPlus is on a lot more songs, Elias makes a couple of appearances, Kaboose is nowhere to be found and MuzeOne was admitted into SI just before the album finished so he’s only on one track. I talk more about the crew in a moment let’s talk about the tracks.

After Masta Ace gives an intro to the mixtape, you’re instantly beat over the head with a seven minute posse cut featuring a bar verse by every SI member except Kaboose and MuzeOne. After the posse cut we’re treated to Elias rapping and singing over “Welcome to Jamrock”, I absolutely his freestyle here and Elias said that seeing him do that live is even better than it is on the mixtape, which makes want to see him in concert.

To clear up some confusion Griffin doesn’t hold the title of Tunnel Rat and Scribbling Idiot, but he is considered actual family because he’s brothers with SI member Mouth Warren. Put Mouth and Griffin together and you get EDM, the two did a track for Idiomatic II called “All the Data”. The track is fire and will have your head nodding once the song starts, that’s how addicting it is. The two them cover their history and then talk about the hip hop game and how it’s kind of falling apart. The beat is completely left field from the other beats on the mixtape and it’s great.

MotionPlus gives us a freestyle verse and then my second favorite song on the mixtape “Every Day That Ends In Why” which features Cunninlynguists member Deacon the Villain. The song showcases storytelling from JustMe and Mouth Warren. Mouth’s verse is my favorite and tells a story of a guy who’s best friend dated the girl he liked. After the two broke up the guy who liked the girl for so long told his best friend that he liked her, after that the friendship was destroyed. The song has an addicting peaceful but sad beat, but that takes the song to another level. All three emcees verses make the listener think and make the track complete.

“Pushing Along” is my favorite song on the album and has JustMe, Wonder Brown, MotionPlus and Re:Flex on it. They cover the idea of pushing on even when times get tough and things get difficult. MotionPlus kills the chorus on this one and the layout of the song is interesting also. JustMe does a 16 bar verse, Wonder Brown and Motion both get 8 bars and Re:Flex caps the song off with another 16 bar verse.

The Scribbling Idiots bring a great effort on Idiomatic II, however most of the album sounds more like a positive underground hip hop album, rather than a Christian Hip Hop album. The lyricism isn’t always there, “Heads Up” being the prime example. With Idiomatic I you could hear the Christianity, they didn’t stuff it down your throat but it was there. I’m not saying it’s not there with Idiomatic II, it’s just not there as often. Granted the album/mixtape is for every Scribbling Idiots fan on the planet and is a good album/mixtape to put in the stocking this year!



Freestyles from almost every member

Beats are hot!!!


The Christianity isn’t as evident as it was in previous releases

No Killin’ It Part II

Rating: 4/5 (Get It, It’s by SI Need I Say More)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

Spitting Images

Pushing Along

Every Day That Ends In Why feat. Deacon the Villain

Make the Call feat. Griffin

All The Data (EDM)

~ by Michael Stover on November 29, 2009.

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