State of the Blog #5

What’s up guys I apologize for updating the blog over the past couple of months. I’m a freshman in college now and I moved in my dorm at Ohio University in September and I just got home last Sunday. I’m off from school till January 3rd so this gives me time to commit more time to the blog. If all goes well I have a lot planned for the blog some I can’t tell you about yet, but stay tuned.

The second order of business is that after my first quarter of college I’m gonna need help next quarter with maintaining the blog. So if anyone would like to help with reviews just write them up and email them to me at I’ll go over it and post it on the blog. Make sure if you submit a review leave your name (so I can give you credit for the review).

And here is what I have slated for the blog (some of it anyway):

The Most Important Podcast (#36 and #38)- This will be a two part episode and features new music that got while I was at college. It features Future Shock, Scribbling Idiots, Illete the 7th Grader, Mars Ill, DeepSpace5 and others… other words DON’T MISS IT!!!

Man of the Hour Episodes- Sojourn and a TWO-PART Theory Hazit Man of the Hour featuring one episode of Theory’s production and another of his emceeing skills.

Theory and Toni Shift’s Modern Marvels Review- I should be ordering the album as I post this since it’s my birthday next Thursday and that’s gonna be my present. Make sure you go pre-order the album from and buy the Limited Edition. It comes with Modern Marvels, Lord Fire 2, the instrumental versions of both albums and a shirt courtesy of Illect Recordings all for $30. The deal is sick so go order now!

Look out also for my Christian Hip Hop Christmas List so ya’ll can get something special for your family hip hop heads and a look into 2010 and what albums are coming out and some rumors I’ve heard through the grapevine (aka Forums, emails etc.)

FREE STUFF- That’s right believe it or not this year has been a year of a lot of free stuff instrumentals, Lps, Eps from all kinds of artists and have a post that has all those links for you. Music from Cookbook, Harry Krum, Freddie Bruno, EDM, Strange Fruit Project, DeepSpace5, Alex Goose, Defender of the Art and others!

Reviews Coming Soon

DeepSpace5- 5Print Mixtape
D-Maub- The Follow Up EP
Mr. J Medieros- Friends Enemies Apples Apples
MuzeOne- The BackBurner EP
Strange Fruit Project- M.A.S.K
TheBreax- Restocked

~ by Michael Stover on December 3, 2009.

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