2009 Christmas List

It’s that time again people, Christmas and hopefully you have hip hop heads in your family that love to listen to good rap music so here are some albums from this year that you can throw in your loved ones stocking!

Cloud 19 (Braille and S1)– Late last year Braille announced Cloud 19 I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t a big fan of The IV Edition. Cloud 19 came out and I was blown away by everything this album offered. S1 brought banging beats and Braille brought rhymes that made the listener think and made the listener appreciate the art of talented lyricism.

Restocked (TheBreax)– I was introduced to TheBreax early this year on the SphereofHipHop podcast where they played “For What” and “Success”. And yet I still wasn’t entirely sold on them, I ended up picking this and their previous record up because of the guests that appeared on them. And let me tell you TheBreax are legit. They have most mainstream sounding production but it’s still their own and unique. Ruslan is talented and his lyrics are thought-provoking and definitely ask for some introspection.

Black and Read All Over (Sharlok Poems)– Sharlok releases his best project to date in my opinion. This time Sharlok brings Theory Hazit and Oddisee to handle the beats and they we will beat you over the head with the crazy beats they came up with. It has guests Othello, Stro the 89th Key, Propaganda, LMNO, Pigeon John and others. I feel like this release flew under the radar and that people are sleeping on it so wake up and smell the fresh hip hop.

Friends Enemies Apples Apples (Mr. J Medieros)– While I haven’t listened to this album yet, Mr. J has always had a reputation of writing rhymes that dive straight into your heart and soul and make you think about yourself, world issues, the people around you and more. The production is entirely covered by J’s Procussions partner Stro the 89th Key and features guest vocals from Tara Ellis.

Modern Marvels (Theory Hazit)– It’s shipping out in about a week and half and people who’ve listened to it already say it’s sure fire! All the beats are by Toni Shift and features JustMe, Wonder Brown, Tanya Morgan, Aletta and more. Buy it from Sphere and you get the beats from the album a special Illect Recordings shirt and you get a bonus digital album from Theory Lord Fire 2 (which is unreleased Hazit material) for $30.

Honorable Mentions

Guest Room (Cas Metah)
Before the Twilight (JustMe)
Sojournalism (Sojourn)
Kings of Tragedy (Kings of Tragedy…..stop sleeping on this one kids)

~ by Michael Stover on December 11, 2009.

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