Christian Hip Hop Podcast #37 “Idiomatic II”

Idiomatic II was released I believe earlier this year in the summer. The album/mixtape is hot and has members of the group that we didn’t see too much of in the previous releases (Elias, MotionPlus and Re:Flex). Here’s a podcast for those who haven’t listened to it yet, to give you a taste of what you’re missing!

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Song (Artist)- Album

Intro feat. Masta Ace (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Make the Call feat. Griffin (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Christ Cypher feat. C-Los, BillyBo and Change (Praverb)- The Gospel Is Free

2nd Time Around feat. Trey-qel  and Scientific (Nomis)- Destined Misconception

Adrenaline feat. Big Rec and ManChild (Cash Hollistah)- The Best of Cash Hollistah…so far

Every Day Ends In Why feat. Deacon the Villain (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Re:Flex the Architect (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Pushing Along (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Just Another Day (LPG)- The Gadfly

Eye to Eye (Lightheaded)- Wrong Way

Tear the Walls Down (K-Drama)- Boombaptism

It’s All About (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

Griffin (Scribbling Idiots)- Idiomatic II

~ by Michael Stover on December 16, 2009.

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