Theory Hazit Interview

I was given the chance to interview Theory Hazit, his new album Modern Marvels is out now on Illect Recordings and you can pick it up at!!!
BigSto: Theory Hazit you’re the 4th Scribbling Idiot to come through and it’s truly an honor to be interviewing you.
Theory Hazit: Thank You.  ‘Honored to be interviewed.

BS: So from what I’ve heard Theory Hazit isn’t a rap group so for those who’ve been sleeping let’em know who Theory is?
TH: Theory Hazit is another one of God’s hype men.  I’m a family man first.  I’m a lot of things, good and bad (I guess) but I’m one simple person.  I need a t-shirt that says “I rap, I dj, and I make beats.”

BS: Now I remember hearing you first on Surreal and DJ Balance’s Future Classic record. But you’ve been working hardcore since about 2003 and possibly before that? How’d you get started?

TH: Yea… I started out with 3 other emcees in 2002.  We were called the KingzMen.  We went our separate ways in the summer of 2003.  With help from Wonder Brown, I released an EP, The World According to Theory,  later that year.  Then went on to drop mixtapes as a dj, LPs, and working with Holy Culture Radio (2004-06).

BS: You’re a do it all musician, you rap and you produce how do you do it without throwing computers out the windows and whatnot?
TH: I try to stay focused.  Recently, I learned to take breaks in between work.  Sessions get backed up, then I delete them from the hard drive.  Lets GO!!

BS: You eventually got signed to the “Hip Hop Is Music” Label run by Braille how did all that go down?
TH: I contacted Braille to do a feature on my production album.  Then later opened up for him at a show.  He had no idea that I did some rapping of my own.  Brizzy kept hittin’ me up to do an LP.  Eventually the LP turned into an EP.  The EP was sounding too good the be just an EP.  So the EP became the full length Extra Credit LP that you know.

BS: Listening to Extra Credit “I Just Wanna Go Home” hit me hard personally, because before Christ saved me, I was walking very far from his path. What compelled you to right this song and put everything out there?
TH: It’s a true story.  My Testimony.  The beat was too dope for plain raps or a song about how hip hop is not the way that it used to be.  I was just real.

BS: Moving to your next release, Vintage had done some work with SI and did a couple tracks on Extra Credit. How did the two of you end up doing an entire project together?
TH: Vintage sent beats through a.i.m. just for me to listen to.  One thing led to another….  BAM!  LORD FIRE.  His beats made the writing real easy.

BS: So this year you produced for Cas and Poems on their respective projects the question is: Is your heartbeat really lined up with kick, snare and high and is it also true that you don’t sample or hijack? And where does your motivation for the beats you make come from?

TH: I am a drum machine… a record player… naw.. j/k.  My inspiration comes from… *bangs gavel* it’s a SECRET… NEVER TEACH THE WU TANG!!!

BS: You’ve had the opportunity to work with so many people in your career from Masta Ace, to Pigeon John, from Surreal to Raphi and everyone in between. But who haven’t you worked with that you’d like to?
TH: No one!  No one except Scribbling Idiots.

BS: Modern Marvels is your newest release and all the production is handled by Toni Shift and it’s a completely new sound. What attracted you to his sound and how’d the two of you get together for this?
TH: Toni texted me through myspace explaining how much he liked a song that did entitled, “My Favorite Hip Hop Joint” (Necrology 102) and said that he’d like to put a song or two together.  Hip Hop Is Music needed a bonus track for the Extra Credit LP and I selected one of Toni’s track.  Wowed the labels.   After that, we knew that something had to be done.  Finally met Toni Shift in person when me and Lightheaded went to Amsterdam.  Been tight ever since.

BS: Lord Fire 2 was a project kind of kept under wraps (until about a couple days ago when Plastic released the tracklist) who is Beus Bengal?
TH: Beus Bengal is a super dope producer from Paris, France.  DO NOT SLEEP!!!  That fool is crazy.  I was in a remix contest with him.  He won, of course.  So I had to get at ’em.  He’s ill.

BS: What I love about your lyrics is the fact that you never hold back in your lyrics and you’ll rap about just about anything? Why?
TH: I didn’t hold back before because I wanted be the ice breaker at cocktail parties.  Now I hold back due to the sensitive ears that can’t stomach the reality of life.  j/k  I only say what the Lord approves.  I’m in the word, surrounded by his community, so I gotta bring it in a way where the world doesn’t look so attractive yet attracts the world.  Ya dig!?!

BS: The state of hip hop is in an interesting place, where I feel that secular hip hop is so popular but the underground scene has more lyrically and comes with hot beats. How come the underground isn’t more popular and is there anything we can do to change it?
TH: *Shrugs shoulders*  I dunno.  People like being lied to, I guess.  Or maybe they are scared of the truth.  Our time will surely come.  Some of us need to stop copying the world (ie, sounding like Lil’ Wayne).  SMH Hip hop keeps changing.  It’s still here, so many will have a say.  One of us will break through the mainstream.  Surely, I say unto you…. j/k

BS: What did you listen to growing up and what do you listen to now?
TH: Afrika Bambata, Clear, Egyptian Lover and Michael Jackson all day, back in the day.  Now I just listen to beats, jazz, or rock.   But mainly local stuff.

BS: I know there’s an artist on your Ipod that your kind of embarrassed that you have.

TH: I don’t own an iPod but I have all kinds of stuff.  From Muslim instrumentalists to pagan orchestras.  Nothing to be embarrassed about. God keeps me praying for them.

BS: Now I don’t know if you realize this but all three Lps you’ve released over the past three years (“Extra Credit” “Lord Fire” and “Modern Marvels”) have been classics. How do you do it?

TH: I just rap.  I never intended to make a classic.  The goal is to make something solid.  “Unapologetically” (c) Wonder Brown

BS: You’ve been on the grind for a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if you took a year off but what’s coming up next for Theory and the SI crew?
TH: A slew of new and old joints from the vault.  You can subscribe to exclusive SI projects at  Something new from the crew comes out every month.  DONT SLEEP!!!  We stay grinding.  It’s all heat too….. no throw aways, none of that bunk.  Othello (Lightheaded) and I have a EP together that is soon to release as a free download.  It features production from me, Othello, 14KT (Invincible), Mayer Hawthorne (StonesThrow) and Cream Of Beats (Extra Credit LP)
BS: Well thank you Theory Hazit for stopping it’s good to have emcees like you making talented music and I look forward to whatever you release in the future.
TH: Thank you, sir.  ‘Was an honor, man.

~ by Michael Stover on December 23, 2009.

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  1. Interview was Huge!!! nice work Sto!

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