“Theory Hazit and Toni Shift are Modern Marvels” (No seriously they are)!

Theory Hazit and Toni Shift - Modern Marvels

9.5/10. That is Theory’s overall score on this blog and the only reason for the .5 mark off was because of the use of the n-word (which I officially no longer mark off for). So basically Theory has a perfect score here at the Christian Hip Hop Blog. Now with Modern Marvels Theory has the daunting task of topping last year’s classic Lord Fire. This time producer Toni Shift from France handles the beats on this project, but can Toni Shift top what Vintage did last year?

The album starts off strong with “The Hurricane” just to let the listener know your ears are about to melt after listening to this album. “Day by Day” is right after that and the track covers the daily grind that we have to go through not just in life, but through our walk with Christ. After that it’s cypher time with Theory Hazit, Lightheaded, Wildchild and DJ Idull on the title track of the album “Modern Marvels”.

One of the things that increased on this album was Theory’s storytelling skills and he showcases it in the track “Careless Mister”. While Theory’s storytelling is great, I honestly believe Aletta steals the track at the end with here singing the ending of the track while Toni Shift kind of transitions the beat. “Careless Mister” transitions into “Hands in Hi-Fi” one of the tracks we heard a snippet of on the Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast. I love this song it’s banger, Aletta sings a verse and we get to hear Theory’s Scribbling Idiot partner in crime Wonder Brown. Toni Shift kills the beat with this one adding a little bit of a guitar sound  (or something around that). Aletta and Toni Shift mesh well together and if you’re looking for more of them together they’re a duo called Kozmik Booty (check out their myspace). Theory and Wonder also mesh well and they’re a duo called Klickah Clackah (check their myspace too).

Skipping a couple tracks brings us to an interesting track called “Concealed Sorrow” and it once again showcases Theory’s storytelling skills. “Concealed Sorrow” tells the story of a kid named Nicolas who is gay and is constantly ridiculed because of it. Theory paints the picture to perfection with this track, it reminds me of Praverb’s song “Tatianna”. Toni Shift changes the tone of the album with this one and the beat is darker than the rest of the album and it’s a nice touch to the album.

“Late Summer Sun” is a track some got to hear if you downloaded any of Toni Shift’s mixtapes and he raps about the people in his life that have passed away how they’ve helped him become the man that he is today. Toni Shift uses a beat that makes the listener want to reminiscence on past times (or maybe that’s just what I did I don’t know). The album closes out with another cypher featuring Lady Luck, Ill Poetic, Don Will, Cas Metah, Motion Plus and Zach Hendrix handled the cuts.

Now I honestly believe that Theory ups the ante even more with Modern Marvels which is really scary because who knows what kind of explosive project Theory’s going to come out with next. Toni Shift is clearly an underrated producer here in the America’s he brings a totally different sound to hip hop than we’re used to hearing and it works extremely well. Like I said you can hear more of Toni Shift when he and Aletta release an album together sometime next year. Go pick up Modern Marvels and get ready for Theory’s next release with Othello of Lightheaded coming sometime next year! If it’s any proof of how awesome this album is I’ve listened to it at least 30 times I listen to it every night while I’m in bed, the album is FIRE and every MUSIC fan (not just hip hop fan) should hear this!

The Good

Toni Shift comes with a unique sound for hip hop and works with Theory’s lyricism to perfection!

Theory comes at us with more storytelling that makes the listener think

More DJ cuts than on previous releases: DJ Idull, DJ Aslan, Zach Hendrix and more!

If you buy the limited edition you get the beats with the album!!!

Two Posse Cuts: Modern Marvels and Uncanny

The Bad

Ummmm…..I can’t think of any

Rating: 5/5 (We Call This A Classic, If You Love Music You’ll Love This Album)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs!!!

1. Hands in Hi-Fi

2. It’s So Sweet feat. LMNO

3. Concealed Sorrow

4. Late Summer Sun

5. One For Jerome

~ by Michael Stover on January 1, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Theory Hazit and Toni Shift are Modern Marvels” (No seriously they are)!”

  1. Toni Shift is a Dutch producer. Can’t give that much credit to the French!! 😉

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