New Free Hip Hop That You’ve Probably Been Sleepin’ On (I Know I Have)!

So with the economy where it is buying music is difficult, however some of the artists realize this and have been releasing free music and it’s all legit. Note: A lot of these releases are from the Underground Hip Hop world not the Christian Hip Hop world. However it doesn’t mean it’s not good music so check it out!

Don Will of Tanya Morgan- I had never heard of Don Will until I listen to his guest appearance on Theory Hazit’s “UnCanny” track. And since then I’ve bought the most recent Tanya Morgan album and learned that Don Will has a solo album coming out soon. However if you check Don Will’s BandCamp page you learn that he did a solo project with Suhburb on the beats. Check it out and download it for free here!

Oddisee- Oddisee has been on a tear for a while with the critically acclaimed Diamond District joint (which is fire BTW) and if you check his page. You can get all his season EPs for free (Odd Summer, Odd Autumn and his newest one Odd Winter).

DeepSpace5- This is a little late but a couple of months ago DeepSpace5 released a mixtape using beats from Alex Goose and the mixtape is amazing, the only DS5 members on the mixtape are ManChild, Sivion, Freddie Bruno and Playdough. Go get and download the beats while you’re at it

~ by Michael Stover on January 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Free Hip Hop That You’ve Probably Been Sleepin’ On (I Know I Have)!”

  1. Naw Brotha mayn appreciate it but, there is a huge line between christian rap and underground rap, bro as a christian we need to check at times that we dont fall back into listening to the same old people we use to listen to, speaking negativity into us..Deepspace is kl, Oddisee just about, but no way to the other group- checking out there music and that, sounds good but thats not enough for me anymore.Positivity and Christivity is what I prefer to here.

  2. I completely understand what your saying, I’m actually in the same boat as you, I just didn’t see anything wrong with the music I posted I didn’t feel like any of the music was negative. At the same time though I haven’t listened to all of Donwill’s stuff yet.

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