The C&U Music Factory…..Is Dope!

Cookbook and Uno Mas have been the game a long time and were part of the now disbanded L.A Symphony Crew (almost cries). Cook and Uno bring in 2010 with a bang with a release on Audiosketchbook Records called C&U Music Factory. The duo has quite a few records under their belt including While They Slept,  Stereotypes and actually Cookbook just came off of his solo release “I Love The 80s” (which is a free download BTW). So the duo has a lot of momentum going into this release, the question is can they really set the bar for the new year.

Now I must be honest I was a little skeptical when “Music Factory” was sent to me, only because I based my opinion solely on their debut duo album “Stereotypes” which was a terrible idea. The duo explodes out of the gate with “Set It Off” now if I’m correct I believe Cookbook produced most if not all of the album, this track sets the tone for the whole album. Explosive sound with a duo that brings cheeky lyrics and continues to show the example of what a great hip hop duo does.

One of the things that’s starting to get real cool in the Christian Hip Hop world is emcees collaborating with cats from the underground. Maybe it’s happened a lot in the past I just never noticed it, but Cook and Uno collab with Evidence on a track called “Rock and Roll” which is one of favorites on this album. It covers the ideas of being a starving artists and dealing with record companies, rocking mikes truthfully etc.

A.M Radio is another favorite track of mine, talking about how radio isn’t all bad, how it can calm your day, and just being able to chill to some good music. The beat is very unique and kind of made me think of Toni Shift’s “Modern Marvels” beat and of a lot of the old school video games I used to play. Plus you get guest rhymes from L.A Symphony’s own Sareem (I prefer Sharlok) Poems.

The underground emcee appearances continue with “The Petty” featuring Living Legends member Scarub (who also appeared on Sharlok’s “Black and Read All Over).  I really like the beat on this along with the cuts that King Charizmatic did, it’s just a legit hip hop cipher you could ask for nothing more.

The best track on the album in my opinion is the title track at the end of the album. It has my favorite beat on the album and Cook and Uno just bring the raw rhymes to the table.

This is a great album to start off the new year and AudioSketchbook Records has set them self up for success this year and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with this year. Cook and Uno continue to bring the heat with “Music Factory”. Now let’s see if we can get Uno Mas release a solo record already!


The beats are good Cookbook is a pretty underrated producer

Cook and Uno continue to show chemistry on the mike

Guest Appearances from Pigeon John, Sareem Poems, Scarub, Evidence and more


I don’t know what but the album is missing something to take it to SUPERMAN STATUS!

Rating: 4/5 (Good Music, GO GET IT!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs!!!

1. Set It Off

2. Rock and Roll feat. Evidence

3. The Petty feat. Scarub of Living Legends

4. Song of Our Lives

5. C&U Music Factory

~ by Michael Stover on February 7, 2010.

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