Gallery Drive Is On The Scene!!!

Gallery Drive - Gallery Drive

The super group of tomorrow is here! Gallery Drive is releasing a full length album along with a Super Group of Tomorrow FREE mixtape with Shortop as a collective for the first time. Scratching the Surface is the title of the debut album and is sure to perk up new ears once the public has had a chance to experience it.

The Super Group of Tomorrow mixtape is available exclusively, right here at… right now!

Scratching the Surface album will be available in hard copies by Tuesday February 23rd. Those who pre-order the album at will get the advance digital copy by Monday February 15th.

The crew known as Gallery Drive is comprised of NomiS, Ruslan (of theBREAX), Afaar, and Insufficient Funds. These six eMCee’s have been often compared to Slaughterhouse, except the Gallery crew are all founded in a strong relationship with God. The group neither embraces or rejects the comparison. Put simply, “we make dope songs and we love God…not in that order”. Scratching the Surface gives you the song/video [view here] “Psycho” (produced by JKeys w/live drums by Tony Royster Jr.) as its lead single. Expect a very diverse and fresh sound out of this combination of artist. The album features production from S1 of Strange Fruit Project, King Karnov, JKeys, Diaz & more.

Buy the album at and download the mixtape after the cut…

Gallery Drive - Gallery Drive

01 – Hard
02 – Public Service Announcement
03 – Be This Way
04 – Exhibit A
05 – Exhibit R
06 – For What (Everyday Hero Remix)
07 – I Wanna Rock
08 – They Don’t Know
09 – Relax
10 – Starts With Me
11 – Follow Me
12 – Respect Due
13 – Tombstone
14 – I Get Money
15 – Forever
16 – Make Sure My Mic is Loud
17 – A Little Different
18 – Know We Now
19 – Gallery Drive
20 – How Long Will They Mourn Qui


~ by Michael Stover on February 14, 2010.

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