Musical Adventure #1

So being a college student I’ve learned that any type of diet you had while you were at home completely goes out the window the minute you step on a college campus. For example last week I ate what could possibly go down as the most unhealthy meal I’ve ever had. It contained a chicken burrito (with rice, chicken, lettuce, tomato and chesse), five slices of pizza (drowned in ranch) along with some chicken tenders. It’s not healthy!

I started working out two weeks ago, trying to run about 5.5 miles a day and eat a little healthier. I didn’t really workout last week because of the “blizzard” so this week I’m upgrading my fitness regiment and attempting to go everyday.

What does this have to do with music, you ask? Well I’ve received quite a bit of new music lately and there’s a lot of music I have that I haven’t listened to yet. So this week my “Musical Adventure”. I will listen to new music by LMNO and LD, Wonder Brown and Pumpkinfoot, Gallery Drive, and dropsciGIANTS. I’ll also listen to old music on my Zune I haven’t listened to yet, Sev Statik, Future Shock and more. I’ll do some underground rap too, from X.O (of Diamond District), Ill Poetic and more.

Here’s the schedule for the first couple of days!

Sunday: “Push That Work” by LMNO and LD

Monday: “The Gallows” by Wonder Brown and PumpkinFoot

Tuesday: The Gallery Drive Mixtape

Wednesday: “littleONES” by dropsciGIANTS

Wish Me Luck Guys!

~ by Michael Stover on February 14, 2010.

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