Jeremiah Bonds Allows Customer Development (written by Scotty Smittle)

Jeremiah Bonds

Customer Development

“Everyone grows up wantin’ to be a rapper, not knowin’ there’s more to skill than just your swagger.”

Jeremiah Bonds has released a mixtape for free download. I never miss a free download, so I grabbed it, stuck it in my MP3 player, and started it up on my way across town to a mid-morning meeting.

Immediately, I can tell that this guy is a musician. What I mean is, he makes music. There are more than plenty of rappers that simply talk over a beat – often an annoying beat. My preference is for music. Further, on a mixtape that is entirely underlined with other artist’s beats, it would be incredibly apparent if Bonds was attempting to rap his story on top of someone else’s well-planned foundation. Not the case with Customer Development.

Jeremiah Bonds selects nod-inducing beats from the hip-hop world and crafts his own style on top of them. I’ll select a few songs to highlight.

Track 2: Just Another Guy – If you’re going to use Kanye west’s Stronger, you had better deliver. Rest assured, Just Another Guy delivers. The raps are skillful and the story is true. In putting this review together, I emailed Jeremiah from work to his work email and got a reply quickly. We back-and-forthed, and he was helpful and appreciative – just another guy.

Track 4: Cry Me a River – Bonds takes Justin Timberlake’s break-up classic and confronts the hip-hop world in song. Yes, this formula has been done before – “Hey, newbies and slackers – quit complaining. Do the work. Do it well.” But yet again, Jeremiah Bonds does it with a unique and entertaining tune.

Track 6: My Music Crush – I had never heard Amerie’s Gotta Work until I looked it up for this review. The first thing I noticed on this track was the nearly Blues-Brothers-Soul-Man brass line. Seldom do you hear such a driving combination of that brass sound and a meaty drum line. On top of this foundation, Bonds builds a love ballad from a man to his hip-hop.

I feel your soft lips when I kiss the mic quickly

Writing every night to feel like you are with me

I feel butterflies when each track flutters by

My stomach does a dive when I think of you and I

Customer Development is full of great songs. The man can write, he can rap, and he can carry a tune if need be. With so much free music out there, it is essential to identify the skill, and weed out the weak.

Snatch this one up and put it in your playlist.  It’s worth your time.

Jeremiah Bonds Customer Development

  1. My Story
  2. Just Another Guy
  3. Talk Is Cheap
  4. Cry Me a River
  5. Heart
  6. My Music  Crush
  7. Breadlines
  8. Just Confident
  9. Little Something
  10. Where We All Come From
  11. Perfection Personified
  12. Who Am I
  13. Customer Development

~ by Michael Stover on February 19, 2010.

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