Defender of the Art “No Limitations” Mixtape

No Limitations Tracklist

1. No Limitations produced by Alex Goose

2. The Third Rebirth produced by Statik Skeletah

3. Don’t Be Fooled produced by MF Doom

4. History produced by J Dilla

5. Interlude: Confidence

6. Final Frontier produced by RJD2

7.  Run This Town

8. The Dream produced by Hi-Tek

9. Interlude: Perseverance

10. Never Stop produced by Yann Kesz

11. Freestyle produced by Wu-Tang Clan

12. Enjoy Yourself (Thugs n Kisses Remix) produced by Oddisee

13. Think Twice produced by J Dilla

14. Interlude: Faith

15. Wait A Minute produced by The Snowgoons

16. One For the Road produced by Dust

17. ProPain II produced by Dust

18. Uncanny produced by Toni Shift

19. Jeff Hall Convo Part II feat. Sarah Vance, Kevin Navratil, Megan Culley, Joe Nickels and Sarah Harris

Defender of the Art is actually myself and this is my best best mixtape to date so download it and give me some feedback, in the future I’ll be collabing with Common Child, MotionPlus, a project produced by 2bit and Mikel Anthony!!!

~ by Michael Stover on February 27, 2010.

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