Random Thoughts #1 “Dynasties, Beer and $$$”

http://innocentsmithjournal.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/money.jpgSo I rarely actually give my opinion on anything other than music on this blog, so I’m switching it up and actually talking about some things that are on my mind right now. First my RA Chris Patterson has a blog, he’s actually a really good writer and writes about whatever is on his mind from, Batman, to sports, Entourage, relationships and many other things. Check out his blog CLUB DYNASTY, it’s the shizzle.

I’m a college kid now, which means a lot of things for me, adventure, a restart socially, the ability to be able to chase my dreams with more resources at hand and more. But college also brings apart a lot of challenges. Being without the parental units more or less means I can do what I want and not get “busted” by my mom. One thing I’ve received flack for (not a lot but flack none the less) is not drinking. I don’t drink because I believe it’s a sin and it’s against the law (I’m 19). I will admit that drinking has crossed my mind for one simple reason. The idea that the things holding you back from talking to new people is more or less gone after drinking. I’m not saying get wasted I’m saying enough to get a buzz and the courage to talk to people that you otherwise wouldn’t because of the voice stopping you from doing so. I go out every weekend, I promise you I have never even touched my lips to a beer can, the problem is when I’m hanging with a bunch of people I don’t know it’s hard for me to talk and interact with them. Which is the only reason I’ve even thought about drinking, but I guarantee you fam I won’t be drinking for a really long time if at all.

Ok, enough about that, on to music, so I consider myself an artist, I’ve been rapping for about eight months, I’ve released 3 full mixtapes and 3 mixtape EPs. This year if all goes according to plan, I should be collabing with MotionPlus, Proverb the Poet, Praverb the Wyse, Mikel Anthony, Words and Common Child. I’m also working on my first original project which should be entirely produced by 2BIT. Everytime I release a mixtape people say “Well why don’t you make your own beats, or get someone else to make beats for you”. One word: MONEY!!! I’d love to put out an original project produced by an Oddisee, a Theory Hazit, Sean P, Dust, Vintage etc. But understand they need to pay the bills also and I’m a college kid so the last thing I have is money. Which is why sites like Sphereofhiphop.com is perfect for me to build with people who are in the same position as me and collaborate with them. I love guest appearances, but after emailing artists none of them charge under $200 once again because we all have bills to pay. So until I get some more money, I am only able to release mixtapes.

Alright it’s 5:02am and the screen’s getting blurry so I’m gonna clock out for the night so I can wake up tomorrow for brunch. I hope to do this more often so get ready!

“God has made me exactly who I am and I’ll be damned if I had killed it to fulfill the will of man”

Jurny Big “Remember”

-Peace and God Bless

Michael Stover


~ by Michael Stover on February 28, 2010.

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