“dropsciGIANTS Should Not Be The littleONES” (dropsciGIANTS Review)

Let’s talk about underdogs for a second. Christian Hip Hop artists in general are underdogs because you don’t see them on MTV or promoted on the radio a lot. Now let’s take that concept a step further, Common Child, Paradox, reSEARCH and Jupiter 7, heard of them? Well even if you have, they don’t get the recognition that most Christian Hip Hop artists get. In an era where super crews are taking over (Lightheaded, Scribbling Idiots, DeepSpace5, The Tunnel Rats etc.) another one has emerged. Now think about it for a minute, Gallery Drive is another example Nomis, Insufficient Funds, Afaar and Ruslan weren’t really in the Christian Hip Hop “spotlight” with TheBreax being the exception, the point is the minute they came together as a Crew they’ve blown up. dropsciGIANTS should be able to do the same thing with their new EP “littleONES”.

dropsci.GIANTS - littleONES

Right off the bat you know this is going to be a unique album for a couple reasons. 1. Every track has a different producer 2. There are guests on the album 3. Each emcee brings something different to the EP. Now when making an EP you have to make sure that every song is great, dropsciGIANTS do that. The album starts off with “lionDEATH” which is more or less a cipher between all the crew memebers and I’m gonna tell you right now they all kill it.

The album continues with a feature from Bone Circus and Move Merchant member Sean P who drops the hook and produced the track. “shoulderBOUND” is all about relying on the Lord for everything in your life. Sean P really kills this verse and made me want to listen to Sean P’s latest project with ManChild “Move Merchants”.

“iTHIRST” is definitely my favorite song on this EP, Jupiter7 produced it and it’s amazing. A simple piano hook and a beat that has a dark feel to it, it’s all about us thirsting for Christ. Everyone puts their heart out there on this track and it’s one of my favorite tracks of the year so far no joke! The emcees continue to talk about how all of us aren’t worthy of God’s presence in our lives and even though he’s a part of it we still stray away from his path.

“weKNOW” was produced by Common Child and it’s an upbeat and cheerful which is great for this EP. It’s simple and Common Child spells it out for the listener in the chorus of the song.

“Jesus loves us yes we know, for the Bible tells us so”

Need I say more!

The EP is amazing and has lead us on a musical adventure, but they’re not done yet, the track hauntedHOUSE is another standout track on this album. It covers a subject we don’t hear a lot about in hip hop and that’s dysfunctional households. Proceed of Boxcar Children made this one I’ve never heard of him but the beat is dark and spooky and makes an amazing from the verses to the chorus.

If you haven’t realized this group has mad talent and deserves the same recognition as Gallery Drive and the other supergroups around right now. The only problem is will we ever see an LP from this group because it’s clear they have talent and diversity in terms of both production and lyricism and they covered multiple topics. And another thing I love about this group is that they have guests (a lot of supergroups don’t have guests on their releases). Go get this EP and nag on Paradox, Common Child, reSEARCH and Jupiter7 to release an LP.


Chemistry is definitely shown with this group

Guests on a group album huh? AMAZING!!!

Diversity in production


Uhhh……..WHERE’S THE LP!!!

Rating: 5/5 (Classic, You Need This In Your Collection)

~ by Michael Stover on March 3, 2010.

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  1. you’re the homie…

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