Random Thoughts #2 “Sunday Thoughts, No Facebook and What Women Want”

Alright so posting my random thoughts was actually kind of fun to do, so I decided to make a habit of it. I’ll start by saying the blog that I read on a regular basis CLUB DYNASTY is a blog that talk about random stuff, from Superman to Robin, from Spike TV to the now done Olympic Games. Plus he’s my RA and said that if I didn’t mention him he would destroy me and I’m not ready to die yet!

The first thing I want to talk about is the awesomeness that is a walk in the middle of the night. Last night I didn’t go to bed till 4am (don’t worry I didn’t have class till 12). I go to Ohio University where uptown has me feeling like I’m in a big city (even though Athens is incredibly small) with my headphones in I listen to beats from Alex Goose, Mos Def, Toni Shift and so much more. Simply listening to music while pondering my life and always my walk with Christ. I’m not gonna lie I’ve been struggling with sin a lot lately and it’s good to just walk and cleanse your mind. I think about a lot of things on these walks and it’s just amazing to just walk around looking at nature while doing some introspection.

I’m trying an experiment for the next 2 weeks, right now I’m more or less failing college I’m failing my philosophy class (which is more boring then watching a rock BTW). Sociology I have a C (but I think my papers will bump me up to a B) a D in astronomy (but I’m really confident I will do well on my final). And no idea what I have in Spanish 211 (I suck at Spanish so I’ll prolly get a C which is fine). So I decided to leave Facebook alone for the remaining two weeks of the quarter so I can study. Facebook consumes my life no joke! Hopefully giving up Facebook will help me to focus on my studies.

The question isn’t why do douchebag guys get girls, but why do nice guys usually get left behind in terms of relationship. I mean I’m a nice guy, don’t disrespect women I try to do everything I can for my friends yet the women don’t notice. Wanna know why…..two words: STRAIGHT EDGE!!! Girls hear this and automatically think a no fun person who doesn’t like to live it up. I don’t drink, I’m waiting till marriage to have sex and for some reason girls don’t like it. Am I the only who finds this weird, like I’m not a douchebag, I’m pretty funny I mean what’s the deal? I’m on a quest to solve one of the biggest mysteries: “What does a women want?”

~ by Michael Stover on March 8, 2010.

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