Random Thoughts #3 “Writer’s Block, Saying Good-Bye, Club Etiquette, Spring Quarter In Athens”

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these and so you know what…..I did another one. First off I strongly suggest that you visit my club dynasty.blogspot.com because my man Chris Patterson is the one that gave me the idea of doing these random thoughts posts. He talks about everything from Batman, to the now past Olympics and so much more so check it out!

One of the things I hate the most is writer’s block. I’m on spring break from college and I should be writing some songs for an EP I’m working on with 2bit (together we make “Tag On A City”). The problem is I can’t write anything and things I write suck pretty bad. How do you get out of writer’s block, well the last time I had writer’s block I just waited it out and jumped back in. And then another time I waited and then something bad happened and that caused me to start writing. I think I’d rather wait for the former rather than the latter.

Another thing I hate is good-byes. At the end of last week a good friend of mine left to go to Florida for an internship, which is great and I’m happy and proud of her. But I’ve always had a problem with good-byes which I think a lot of us do. It didn’t help that we’d become pretty good friends since I met her about seven months ago. The good news that comes out of this though is that she’ll be back next year for fall quarter, which I must say I can’t wait for.

Alright enough of things I hate this post is starting to depress me. Let’s talk about dancing etiquette. After a long week of work in college and after getting some work done I always try to go out to a dance club. Before ya’ll start laughing I go to a dance club because A: I like to dance and B: I don’t have to drink. So I’ll go uptown (my go to college in Athens, Ohio the place to be by the way) and go to an event called “Dance or Die” and since I would prefer not to die I dance. So allow me to give you some rules based on the things that I see while I’m there.

1. Ladies please I don’t mind dancing with you but stop trying so hard to impress me I would to keep my parts intact when I leave the dance club…..please sloooow it down.

2. To my black brothers don’t enter the club and start looking around and laughing at people because they look weird dancing (even though sometimes it may be true).

3. Dudes if you decide hey “I want to fight that guy for stealing my girl” please fight outside because if start a fight inside people WILL try to stop you and you will get thrown out.

4. Fast food places- step up your service, the last time I left dance or die I was starving and I couldn’t find a place to eat because the lines were out the door!

Next up is my anticipation for spring quarter. Fall quarter was definitely one of the best three months of my life (NO JOKE!!!) and from what I’ve been hearing spring quarter is supposed to be even better. The last month and half of the year is where all the fests happen on different streets in the city and it’s going to be a blast. I got a partial glimpse into what spring will be like, the last two weeks of winter quarter. The weather was nice, people were studying or “studying” outside, playing football, Frisbee etc. I got a chance to rock my shorts and short-sleeve shirts. The guys on my floor and I would go and play some basketball, I mean it was just a great feeling and I can’t wait to have that feeling every single day.

~ by Michael Stover on March 27, 2010.

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