Name Basic Brings Back The Boom Bap (The Subtle Stampede Review)

CD-cover-final.jpg image by Skilz34

Name Basic is a new kid on the block, at least I’m pretty sure this is his first release. The Subtle Stampede is his debut album and he brings a whole conglomerate of new faces Davey Rockit, Source One and Movement. He also brings some veterans along for the trip including ManChild and Ohmega Watts (who we haven’t heard from in a while). Name Basic’s album continues the streak of new releases in 2010, so let’s dive into The Subtle Stampede.

Right off the bat, about three songs into the album my comparisons began, two names came to mind: ManChild and Dust. The production on this album for the most part is handled by Movement, who brings nothing but grimey boom bap sound. Name Basic brings clever rhymes Movement brings back-breaking beats. Source One and Davey Rockit absolutely destroy the cuts on this project. Nothing made me feel happier than hearing the cuts on “Swing Set” which featured audio from Street Fighter II.

One gripe I had while listening to this record was that the lyrics aren’t entirely thought-provoking. I listened to the record three times and I really didn’t feel like he covered any topics to make the listener feel emotionally attached to the album (with the exception of a couple songs which I’ll talk about later). I didn’t feel like Name Basic did a good job of trying to relate his lyrics to his life or even the listener for that matter.

Now that’s not to say his lyrics are bad, Name Basic is amazingly clever with his lyrics and shows lyrical prowess that you don’t always see from an artist’s debut release. A perfect example is the lyrical creativity that he brings on the track “Throwing Voices” which features ManChild, Movement and Davey Rockit. Another example is “Swing Set” where basically Name Basic shows that he’d be able to hold his own in a battle cypher.

Like I said earlier there some songs where he puts out his heart and soul, one of my favorites off the records is “Isn’t She”. Name Basic pretty much goes from the beginning to the present with his now wife. From their first date, to their marriage. Ohmega Watts made this beat fit perfectly with the topic of the song and Name Basic killed this beat with lyrics.

The best song in my opinion is “Darkness Into Light” and it Name Basic lays it all out on the table with this track. His flaws are thrown into the light (haha see what I did there, it’s called a pun), this reminds me of the last track on Mikel Anthony’s record where most of the album is clever lyrics and banging beats with a personal track at the end. “Darkness Into Light” is a track that every believer should listen to because it allows for introspection and allows us to see that all believers have flaws and things we need to work out but it’s how we handle it that allow us to become stronger in Christ.

Name Basic brings heat with The Subtle Stampede with his lyrics and a whole team of deejays and the producer Movement. Davey Rockit and Source One are deejays you need to look out for in the future because the cuts on this record are sick. Movement and Name Basic are the next ManChild and Dust because of the grimey boom bap and the clever lyricism from Name Basic. Watch out for Name Basic he’s got skillz!

Rating: 4/5 (Get It, It Has BoomBap Original Raps)

~ by Michael Stover on March 28, 2010.

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