Inner Sessions “BoomBap + Lyrical Chemistry”

Inner Sessions - Inner Seed

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BillyBo and Aaron Paul, two hometown brothers, BillyBo coming off his sophomore effort “A Little Piece of Home” the two come together to make the duo “Inner Sessions”. Their debut “Inner Seed” is actually a double sided EP meant to act like a cassette tape (to the point where at the end of the first EP you can hear someone take the tape out flip it over insert it back into the player and press play). Let’s dive in and dissect “Inner Seed”.

I didn’t know what to expect when this was given to me, I kind of thought it would sound like “A Little Piece of Home” released last year, but I was completely wrong. The minute you start the project your ears are blessed with the hard-hitting backbreaking sound of boom bap something that isn’t really seen in hip hop that much anymore. Aaron Paul and Johnny Bishop handle the production AP handles side one and Johnny Bishop handle the other side. The first side is more boom bap, the second side is boom bap mixed with a bit more of a jazzy feel.

Now onto the lyricism, BillyBo and Aaron Paul make a real good team, trading lines back and forth, the chemistry is evident from the first track. Right now my favorite track of the album so far is “Intercede”. The deep bass lines along with the clever lyricism from BillyBo and Aaron Paul make this song a must listen to. “Latchkey” also has an epic feel to the beat and the track is a heartfelt track about the struggle that is our journey with Christ and life in general.

“Walk It Out” rounds out the first side of this project and is more about the struggle of life and comes with a well placed and an addictive hook. What makes the album a great listen is the partial comedy aspect in it. At the end of the first side BillyBo and Aaron Paul give us warning against being a “sick emcee” as the album progresses to the production of Johnny Bishop.

As I stated before Johnny Bishop’s beats are a bit more jazzy and while I still felt the lyricism was on point, I felt like the thunder from the first side didn’t carry over to the second side. The downside is that two of the tracks are remixes from the first side, I do prefer the “Walk It Out (Believer’s Serenade) a little more than the original. No I’m not saying the 2nd side is bad, I didn’t think it was as good as the 1st (please don’t send any hate mail if you believe otherwise).

All in all this project is solid, I can already tell that people are sleeping on this hardcore. The production is hard-hitting drums and a sound that we all miss in hip hop these days. BillyBo and Aaron Paul are on point with their lyrics and I honestly want to hear more from them. I promise anyone that felt Mars Ill’s “Backbreaknomics” and the recently released “The Subtle Stampeded” from Name Basic, Inner Sessions “Inner Seed” is honestly right up your alley. And plus you can buy the beats for $3 which is a steal because these beats are gold! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!


Beats will break your neck period.

Chemistry is evident between AP and BB

Beats and Acapellas for $3


Lyricism was up and down in terms of consistency

2nd Side < 1st Side

Rating: 4/5 (Go Get This Release and WAKE UP!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

1. Intercede

2. Walk It Out (Believer’s Serenade)

3. LatchKey

4. Death After Life

5. Cross Country

~ by Michael Stover on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Inner Sessions “BoomBap + Lyrical Chemistry””

  1. As 0.5 of Inner Sessions (and 0.333 of the Inner Seed release), I would just like to say: Thanks for the write up!

    Also, not to pick bones (or try to sort sands, or even split atoms), but we are warning against ATTEMPTING to become a sick emcee. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS!!!

    Grace, Peace, and chicken grease!

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