State of the Blog #I Don’t Remember big new from my side of the camp, I was asked about a couple weeks ago, to be part of the staff. I gladly accept I can’t thank Chad Horton (co-owner of enough because it’s truly an honor to write for a legit Christian Hip Hop site that has it’s own domain and stuff like that. This also proves one thing that I hadn’t really believed up until this point: Hard Work truly does pay off. I’ve had this blog for almost two years and it was honestly done just to promote the music that I love the most (because it’s truly getting disrespected in our world). I always worked hard on it even though at times (especially in college) it was tough to keep this going. God has truly blessed me with this blog and I know he’ll continue to bless because of the effect it’s having (I’ve had over 8,500 total views!!!).

Just so ya’ll know I’m definitely not stopping the blog because of this, I can put my own personal twist on the blog solely because of the podcast, the random thoughts and every review I write will go on here before I email it to the site. So I’m just letting ya’ll know what’s up and stop by we got lots of info, reviews and etc. on the site!

Here’s my first rapzilla article on the new Talking Textures label! (

~ by Michael Stover on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “State of the Blog #I Don’t Remember”

  1. Congrats bro must say!!, I’ve been on your blog for about a year now, because of your podcast listen….I found out about Sphere of Hiphop,Lightheaded and all those other guys n that circle… and so many other guys!! I’ve been a christian for about a year and a couple weeks now, found your blog after wondering if there were any quality christian hiphops out there except the typical reachrecords and grits and stuff, so thanks mayn!!!!, keep doing your stuff brah!.. oh yeah and I’m that graphic designer dude that posted that post at sphere you asked, if or how I charged per design here( hit me up at the email if you ever want anything done bro!! small world right?, all love Godbless you brah!

  2. Wow, I had no idea you had been this for that long I can’t tell you how much that means to me. God just gave me the idea to promote Christian Hip Hop because no one really knows about it and then that’s when I realized that there’s such thing as Underground Christian Hip Hop so I promoted that stuff too. Don’t worry the podcast isn’t over I’m college and I don’t have my music with me (except on my Zune) but I should be on my college radio station with my own show soon. It’s support from people like you and the grace of God that keep me going. Thank you soo much!! Request me on facebook my LETS BUILD!!!

    -God Bless

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