Random Thoughts #5 “College Social Life, The Psych Ward and The Best Night of My Life”

I’m the guy with the white hat 😀

It’s a Thursday night….10pm I’ve finished all my homework and have absolutely nothing to do. I’m offered to go out to Beta House for a giant party. Normally I don’t go out on Thursday’s just because I have class the next day. However I didn’t have class till 2pm on Friday, so I gladly accepted (turned out to be a great idea because there was nothing to do this weekend). Now before I get into this allow me to explain a couple things. First when I say go out, I mean go out to a party, I’ve never drank any alcohol and won’t for a real long time so none of that is affiliated with me going out. Going out means going to a party with friends that do consume alcohol and dance with people to some banging music.

So I step into place (fresh to def as always…..alright not really) and everyone is playing pong and grabbing beers. Now the only reason I’m even talking about parties is because in society we wonder why all these college chicks are getting pregnant and I saw first hand why that Thursday. After the music started people started dancing, now that’s not what I had a problem with. I don’t mind people dancing and I in fact partake in said dancing. The problem for me comes when the dancing goes past the level of just attraction, but ends up in a dance of sexual promiscuity. We’ve all seen it before it seems as though the girl takes the dancing to another level and the guy willingly accepts it and then he tries to take it a step further. While I refuse to talk about that next level I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. Where does the problem lie exactly, clearly both parties are into it, but the regret that could come later makes all of the preceding events not worth it. But what if we take another step backward, if the parties hadn’t drank all the beer they did none of this would’ve happened…..probably. I don’t know I just needed to say that after seeing what I saw Thursday night. Is it possible to throw a party like that and not have alcohol but still have that much fun? I mean I’m trying to remember all the nights that I go out and have fun!

Enough of that time for some positivity, I’m a rapper (I go by the name Defender of the Art) I performed in a show last weekend with some highly respected artists, one of which I grew up listening to (D-MAUB). And I must say it was the most humbling experience of my life period. It was something about being with brothers that struggle with same things you do, yet pursue the same goal of trying to spread the love of Christ and what he’s done for us all over the planet. It was nice to see people trying to do the same thing I am. I met some great people that night and that was 9 hours of my life that I would never replace and I’m so glad that God gave me the chance to be apart of something that was definitely special.

As of late I had been dealing with Writer’s Block, but I’m over it now and am currently working on a new mixtape called “The Psych Ward”. The mixtape is going to be my most personal work to date. I think “honest” is the best word to describe what I’m working on. The mixtape is mostly going to be dark and with skits between every couple of songs or so. I’m really excited for it because I’ll be covering a vast of amount of topics and honestly letting the listener into my heart, soul and walk with Christ. The mixtape is inspired by Braille’s ‘Weapon Aid’ (which if you haven’t got that yet get on it, I’ll have  a review of that soon) and the last three songs on Wonder Brown and Sean Little’s ‘A Love Aphiliated’. I’m putting everything out in the open on this one so brace yourself.

And with that I’ll let you guys go, I hope all of you have a great week and I’m really going to try to do these more often, I think it’s only fair that I let you guys into my walk with Christ, what I’m going through and it’s only I let you know about the guy behind the reviews, interviews and podcasts. I’ll leave you with this quote!

“God has made me exactly who I am and I’ll be damned if I had killed it

-Peace and God Bless

Michael Stover aka BigSto aka Defender of the Art

~ by Michael Stover on May 2, 2010.

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