Random Thoughts #6 “Misunderstandings and Misconceptions of the Opposite Sex” Part I


“How come she flirts with me if she doesn’t like me?”

“Guys only want women for sex”

“Girls are confusing”

“Guys are stupid”

We’ve all heard or even thought these things. The only reason I’m writing about this is because we all (myself included) complain about the opposite sex and how stupid the opposite sex is. Guess what? We’re all stupid especially when it comes to relationships, so let’s try something, instead of complaining let’s try to understand each other and see where the other is coming from and why they feel this way. Before I get into this allow me to say I haven’t been in a relationship before (not by choice I might add) and I don’t understand everything about the opposite or even my own, but I will try to shed as much light as possible on subjects that I struggle and some I believe women struggle with.

I’ll start with something that is so basic in terms of understanding, but people still refuse to take heed to this. Women are all about emotion, guys if you don’t understand that you’ve failed before you even got started. They get emotional about things that matter in a relationship, if you hurt their trust it’s hard to gain back, they will remember the time you broke their trust 50 years from now, so don’t test it. I almost feel like once they are apart of something emotionally, even it’s just a simple kiss from someone they aren’t dating yet, the emotion is tied in. The guy may just see at as a simple kiss, the girl is a few steps ahead of the game already. I’ll end with this it’s easy to capture a girl’s hurt but the minute you hurt the walls immediately come up. Guys be careful what you do with women because their emotions are tied into everything, making the wrong move can hurt them. Now ladies, guys aren’t really emotional, because we’re not supposed to have them, society tells us not to. Does this mean we have no emotion, obviously not, we laugh, get upset and yes we even do cry (guys don’t deny it). So yes it is possible for you to hurt us and make us feel like crap we just do our best to hide because we know our friends will see as weak for talking about it, crying about it etc.

Alright this paragraph is dedicated to the dudes (don’t worry ladies I’ll be with you guys in a second). This paragraph is about the elusive “One Night Stand” we’ve all heard of it some have partaken in it. Now for me having sex before you’re married is a mistake, but this has nothing to do with my beliefs and what not. For me my whole stand against a one night stand is one of respect. Sex is supposed to be one of the highest forms of showing love (genuine love not that high school bullcrap…..you know what I’m talking about). First of all any acts of sex as one night stands are night forms of love, but simply lust (which clearly means there is little to no love involved). Second the repercussions are permanent, chances you’ve caused yourself and some partner some pain, physically, mentally and most definitely emotionally. Do your best to avoid One Night Stands at all costs!

Ladies it’s your turn! You guys are flirting machines and have us thinking “Aww man this girl might be into me” next thing you know you shoot us down like a F-16 plane. And don’t pretend you guys don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t know if it’s because you like to see us squirm or because we eat too much or what. But it does hurt us when we believe you guys are flirting with us because you like us, when in turn you’re doing it for attention, or just to toy with us, I don’t know, but it sucks. It’s the idea that you’re leading us on, just to shoot us down (if you’re unaware you’re doing this I guess  it’s not your fault……but I feel most of you know when you’re doing this). All I’m saying is don’t flirt with us if you’re just going to reject us later on, two words: NOT COOL!

After thinking about our misconceptions and misunderstandings with the opposite sex I’ve come to realize that this is going to take more than just one post. So I will post something like this again, other things I intend to cover, why guys have to make the first move, the process we go through in order to ask a girl out, why girls want US to talk to them first and even more! Feel free to leave your opinion of all the above, ask questions you’d like to see answered whatever on this page and I will address it in the next post

-Peace and God Bless


~ by Michael Stover on May 8, 2010.

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