Chef and J7 Review

End of Earth records continues to grind after the update the fans received a couple months ago, with a release that isn’t really getting a lot of promo or coverage at all. Chef and J7 released an their self-titled album on the End of Earth records. Chef is definitely new to me as an emcee and I’m curious to know about him. I do know that he has this release and a release with Ray Vazira called Beatsmith Beatdowns. J7 (Jupiter 7) is a part of the group drop.sci GIANTS and has a couple solo releases under his belt also. So what happens when we mix these two guys together and release a project.

Right off the bat this is a feel good record, which one doesn’t hear that much in the Christian Hip Hop world…..or hip hop world in general. The chemistry is evident and their styles actually go together real well. From the beginning of the album you can just feel the joy and love for Christ in hip hop in this duo and they display it well on the project.

Let me touch on production for a second. The production is nothing that’s too unique, but it’s definitely something you should pay attention. I have no idea who handled the production, but it’s something that will get you nodding your head. “The City” shows this production, the track covers where the emcees come from, and is a track you wanna throw in your car stereo and crank up to 21 and just ride out!

Now this doesn’t mean at all that the serious lyricism is lacking because in the track “Hold On” is just as the title says. Life is a struggle, first off giving up should never be an option. Second we’re destined to go through struggle and pain. Third,  sometimes we forget that Jesus Christ can get us through any situation and any battle that we’re going through right now, he’s only there to help use HIM!

The entire album is actually a very well rounded project, my favorite track on the album is “Media”. Pretty self-explanatory on the topic of the track, but the duo handles the track in a very interesting way. One emcee will do a verse and then right after that the other emcee will do a little verse with the media talking the person that the previous emcee just talked about and then the emcee who started the verse will continue their story. For example, Chef rhymes about Craig, Craig is influenced by MTV, J7 rhymes as though he’s MTV and then Chef continues his story about Craig and how MTV influenced him and the actions he did afterwards. It was a very creative way to handle a song and I love it.

All in all, the Chef and J7 record is a great record, but it’s not a record that will get etched in your mind that you’ll go back to years from now. It’s a good record for right now while you’re waiting for the next big record to come out. At the same time DO NOT sleep on this record, the duo handle this record with chemistry and love for hip hop and Christ. This record will make you wanna nod your head and appreciate hip hop that much more!


  • solid album no filler tracks and an easy listen
  • production is great nothing unique but solid none the less
  • the love for hip hop and Christ is evident


  • This record sounds like it’s been done before

Rating: 4/5 (Solid Record, SUPPORT IT!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Chef and J7 Review”

  1. thanks you for those kind words…and i totally agree with everything you said. peace, chef camer1

  2. thanks i really liked what you guys did on this record what else have you worked on bro, cuz this is the first time i’ve heard about you (no offense)!

  3. no taken. i really do appreciate any feed back good or bad. two new albums coming out. i can email you some previews if youd like. hit me up.

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