Cas Metah’s “Guest Room” Stream

This ended up being one of the best albums of last year, Cas Metah pretty much collaborated with every big name in CHH, from Lightheaded to Masta Ace, from Sojourn to Griffin. I loved this album and now you can stream it here!!!

Track list:
1. Intro w/ Playdough
2. I Strain featuring CunninLynguists and JustMe
3. Front Runner featuring Ahred, Sintax the Terrific, Griffin, Sev Statik, Ajax Starglider, JustMe and Sojourn
4. Told U So featuring Theory Hazit, JustMe and Masta Ace
5. Real featuring Mouth Warren and Holmskillit
6. I Will Go featuring LMNO and Manchild
7. Die Tryin featuring Chapter 13
8. Rhyme Life featuring Ruffian and Listener
9. Find Time featuring BC and Playdough
10. 2nd Coming featuring Every Day Martyrs and Deuce Complex
11. Laying the Foundation featuring Lightheaded
12. Gravity featuring Adan Genesis
13. This Can’t Be True featuring T-mo Goodie and Jawz of Life
14. Get Right featuring Soul P and MotionPlus
15. Goodbye featuring Sco A.T.K.
16. Don’t Doubt featuring Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, k-Drama, Kaz, Mouth Warren, Intellect and Griffin
17. Up and Coming featuring Sivion and Praverb
18. Cream of the Crop featuring Witchdoctor
19. Cross Country featuring JustMe, Change, Mr. SOS, Mellow Drum Addict, Zero Basement, Lyriz, Capture, Rhyme Wise, Freddie Bruno and 2-Tone
20. Bonus Track featuring 3rd Degree

~ by Michael Stover on May 27, 2010.

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