Illect Recordings On The Grind

Coming off last years releases with Cas Metah’s “Guest Room” JustMe’s “Before the Twilight” Peace 586’s hear and the amazing success of Theory Hazit’s “Modern Marvels” Illect isn’t slowing down and is in fact releasing a bunch of material this year.

Sivion – Butterfly Sessions produced by Dert out soon

Sivion- “Butterfly Sessions” Sivion hasn’t made any music since his release “Spring of the Songbird” with Hip Hop Is Music. Now he teams up with well known Tunnel Rat producer Dert to release a 7 track EP. I believe this is one of many EPs coming out from Sivion each with a different producer.

1. Here We Go
2. Older Now
3. Brand New Day feat. Othello, Consafos, DJ Aslan
4. Everything Is Everything feat. DJ Because
5. Do Not Disturb
6. The Inevitable
7. Life’s Bigger Than You feat. DJ Aslan

Peace  586 returns with another beat tape “aBle”

Peace 586 “able”- Peace 586 has been on the grind for over 20 years and after releasing his last beat tape “hear” Peace 586 is releasing “able” and listening to his music, I’m sure this one is gonna be worth the wait.

1. Whileiamhere
2. Say Word featuring Propaganda and Sev Statik
3. Psalm 89
4. I Try
5. I Lo Veu
6. Oooh Oooh
7. The Battery intro
8. The Battery (Children) featuring Jurny Big and Shames Worthy
9. U Got Me
10. Nevadat! featuring Sev Statik and Griffin
11. Alien Workshop featuring Sojourn
12. Spilt Milk
13. JayJay
14. Children (The Battery) featuring Jurny Big
15. Sweet Sound
16. Sseneltneg
17. Able

~ by Michael Stover on May 27, 2010.

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