LMNO and Kev Brown Bring Us “Selective Hearing Part 2”

Selective Hearing Part 2LMNO’s trek to release 10 albums in one year continues with ‘Selective Hearing Part 2’ produced entirely by Kev Brown. ‘Selective Hearing Part 1’ was a classic and to have the duo come back for Part 2 is something fans have been waiting for. Kev Brown plays more of a part lyrically on this record and his production is amazing. Will this project match up at all to the classic that came out a couple of years ago.

On this project the duo is referred to as the JB (clever play on names since LMNO’s name is James and Kev’s last name is Brown). Anyway people who picked up LMNO’s project ‘Let Em Know’ got a glimpse into what Part 2 was going to hold because the track “James Brown” was on it. Most of the project is filled with clever rhymes going back and forth between the duo.

The production on this album is FIRE, but not your typical bangin’ hip hop, it’s hard to explain but the beats on the album are filled with a type of heat that you haven’t heard before (not kidding). A perfect example of this is the track “We Stay Rockin” where the drums will destroy your ear drums with the grace of hip hop. Put on top of that the fact that the duo brings guests Declaime from Some Otha Ship and Mr. Brady, you have a track that will be remembered for a long time and one you will be rotating for a real long time.

The list of guests continue with West Coast emcee Trek Life drops rhymes on the “Do It Again”. The duo switches up the flow this time around by having each emcee go right after the other in the same verse, which was great to hear. The beat has the jazzy horns in it and will have you pressing the rewind button over and over again.

So remember when I said that the album comes with a different type of heat that you’ve never heard of. Well that heat continues with “Guaranteed” which once again brings the hard drums and clever lyricism from the duo. What excited me most was the fact that J5 veteran Chali 2na dropped an amazing verse for this song.

One thing I kind of didn’t really feel with this project was the fact that it lacked in terms of serious topics. Most of the songs on the album are filled with clever lyrics, but they don’t really make the listener think about what’s going on around them. All in all this project is an amazing hip hop record and should be in your collection…..like right now and if it isn’t go buy it. The duo bring the FIRE both production wise and with the lyricism. BUY THIS ALBUM AND STOP READING THE REVIEW!!!


The lyricism is real clever on this one


Guests from everywhere some of which are unexpected


No real thought-provoking lyrics on this one

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic GO BUY IT!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on May 28, 2010.

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