Elias “Thanks For Waiting” Review

Elias - Whyd You Walk Away - free and legal music downloads Elias, if you didn’t pay attention you wouldn’t know that he’s part of the elite Scribbling Idiots crew. He’s made guest appearances with Theory Hazit, Sev Statik and most recently Ruffian. Elias easily has the talent to make it in the mainstream with his ability to rhyme and sing (no autotune needed). The SI member actually did release a solo project back in the day called ‘Scraps of Paper’ which is considered a classic in some CHH circles. Here we are in 2010 and Elias has released ‘Thanks For Waiting’ which is perfect because people really have been waiting a long time for a new release by him. But is this truly what listeners have been waiting for?

The answer is easily yes, I’ll admit I had been sleeping on Elias before listening to this release. I mean he was always amazing on his guest appearances but I never really listened to his solo work. So on a walk around Athens, Ohio (I go to Ohio University) I actually just intended to just listen to single “Why’d You Walk Away” which is a great song and expresses quite a bit of pain (at least that’s how I see it). Fab da Eclectic killed the beat and Elias does his thing also.

After listening to the song I wanted to I decided to keep listening just to see what was up. The next track is called “Silence” and I immediately fell in love with the beat which was made by DJ Form. It’s a combination of an acoustic guitar along with the kick and snare to make this song a classic. Elias talks about silence, it’s the second verse that will hit the listener the hardest. We live in a world filled with things to distract us from quiet time with God, music, relationships, school, the fact that you’re extremely hungry and instead of writing a review you’d rather be downing a Chipotle burrito (or is that just me). Elias talks about that and how we need silence to truly hear what God wants to say to us.

The last track “Fast Lane” was also a very interesting track to listen to, Elias plays the role of storyteller. He tells how celebrities live their lives with the recognition that they receive and the lives that they live. He mentions just about every celebrity in existence (actually not really but he does name quite a few). And I think it’s just a track saying that while for the most part being a celebrity looks like it would be a blast, they have just as much if not more problems than we do.

I would’ve reviewed every single on this EP but I think I’ll leave a little mystery to the listener. The EP is only five tracks which is what Scribbling Idiots insiders should expect from the EPs, but I’ll admit after listening to “Thanks For Waiting” by Elias, I just wanted to hear more. Elias if you’re reading this anytime you wanna make an LP that’d be just great. I’m going to be honest going in I didn’t have much expectations for the EP and after listening I am no longer sleeping on Elias. Don’t wait to buy “Thanks for Waiting” go do it now. IT’S ONLY $5!!!


Every track is done exceptionally well

There’s a message on every single track


No Guests!

Rating: 5/5 (Classic, Wake Up and Smell The Fresh Music)

~ by Michael Stover on May 30, 2010.

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