Humble Beast “Humble Beginnings Volume 1” Review

So awhile ago I was on twitter just checking out what my favorite artists were up to and stopped by Propaganda (of the Tunnel Rats) and he kept saying something along the lines of big news coming prepare for the Humble Beast etc. I don’t know why but from that moment I was interested to see what was going on. Eventually a twitter page came up for Humble Beast, of course I followed curious to see what in the world was going on. Next I learned Theory Hazit changed his page to have a Humble Beast logo in his name. I still didn’t know the facts and the mystery continued. I went on to learn that Humble Beast is a record label, teaming up with the “Talking Textures” and Syntax record labels. Ok, this is all fine in dandy, but who’s a part of all this and when are going to see some music, I thought. Well the day has finally come and my mystery has been partially solved, Humble Beast Records is here to present Humble Beginnings Volume I which is composed of 10 brand new tracks featuring the artists of the new record label. Now for those who don’t know Humble Beast Records is made of Braille, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, Foreknown, Propaganda, Othello and Sareem (I still say Sharlok) Poems. Let’s dive into this Humble Beginnings Volume I

The album starts it off correct with veteran Theory Hazit, coming with the beats and the rhymes and it’s just a lyrical beat down on mikes! Simply put that’s what is he kills the beat kills the verses, I expected nothing less from a Theory Hazit track.

Now right after that is where I paid even more attention, mostly because of the newcomers. Odd Thomas is actually not new in hip hop at all I’ve just been sleeping on him the entire time. Speaking of Odd Thomas he made the beat to my favorite song on the album (yeah he produces and rhymes). “The Dream That You Gave To Me” is a song featuring Braille and newcomer Citizen Aim and the lyricism on this one is on point. The topic is simple: We should all strive for the dream that God has given to us. Both Braille and Citizen Aim (who I will talk about later) show their love for Christ and I love this track. On a side note I remember listening to this beat when the Humble Beast site first went up….I want it! That is all!

Naturally I have to talk about the single “Humble Hungry” which features Odd Thomas, Theory Hazit and Citizen Aim. 1. The beat is FIRE which is once again handled by Odd Thomas 2. All three of these guys broke my back and melted my ears with their verses. Also do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on Citizen Aim (who I actually owe money for a beat he made for me…..don’t worry I will get it to you!) because he kills it all over this album. This is the banger track that every album needs and will allow you to show people that you’re “Humble Hungry” when you’re cranking this track volume to 21 in your car.

Another solid track on the album is Othello (who we haven’t heard from in about a million years) with the track “Gone With The Win” produced by 14 KT. I actually think that Othello and 14 KT are releasing a project together. The track is about grinding hard and keeping it together even when things seem like they’re falling apart. Othello has always been nice with it and this is no exception. I actually jogged to the track earlier. This track reminds me of an Othello version of Sharlok Poem’s track Impossible from (Black and Read All Over).

I remember hearing that the Humble Beast fam had performed in California and hearing that Propaganda performed a track called “Beautiful Pain”. Whoever talked about that song had a lot to say about it and it ended being the first track that I listened to on the album. It’s a very creative and nicely done track with production from none other than Odd Thomas (I kinda wanna hear a beat tape from this guy he’s freaking great). The track is as the name states, it’s saying that our pain is beautiful. In turn pain makes us grow and gets us closer to God!

Now I believe Humble Beginnings Volume 1 is only a sneak peek of what the label has for us this year. I’m already excited about what’s coming out. I didn’t mention this in the review but do not sleep on newcomer Foreknown, the guy has a dope track on the Humble Beast record and has an EP out (listen here ). The Humble Beast project is free but you can support the label by buying the record on iTunes also. Humble Beast honestly gave us a taste of what they have under their sleeve which means one thing: I haven’t solved the mystery yet!


Odd Thomas Production-FIRE!!!

All the members of Humble Beast BRING IT!!!

“The Dream That You Gave to Me”


Ummm……when can we hear more!


~ by Michael Stover on June 15, 2010.

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