MC Till “A Beautiful Break” Review

MC Till, a King of Tragedy, producer and did you know he’s an emcee? Well Till has worked with many people over the years from K-Drama to Wonder Brown and everyone in between. The veteran emcee released a full-length album a couple years ago and is back with his newest solo project A Beautiful Break. From listening to him on the Kings of Tragedy album I could already tell Till had a different way of doing things than other emcees in the game right now. A Beautiful Break is no different.

Right off the bat this is a “Life” Record. What do I mean by “Life” record. This is an album that you don’t just listen to for just good music, this is an album that people need to hear because of the multiple messages communicated. It’s a concept album with many different concepts that listener should easily be able to relate to because we all deal with these issues in our everyday lives.

The album starts with an intro by Till explaining that this album isn’t about drawing conclusions, but rather about the thoughts that we all deal saying this, that and the other. All throughout the project there are interludes when we get to hear Till’s thoughts, which sound all too familiar to the thoughts that we think ourselves sometimes. “Smash/ I am stupid” is a track that is all about (at least in my opinion) the mainstream rappers in the industry thinking they’re the (insert insulting word here). After that we hear an interlude where Till starts to doubt himself on the song he just did.

Till tries to “rebound” with “Beautiful Love” an anthem for his parents who truly helped him get to where he is now. That’s another thing I haven’t mentioned yet, the production. I believe Till handled all the beats on this album and they’re solid, nothing to freak out over, but beats that fit the mood what Till is trying to do on this record. The beats are sample influenced and are beats that hip hop lovers will appreciate. We get another interlude, where the self-condemning thoughts of Till start saying that the people still aren’t feeling him after the “Beautiful Love” track, so how does Till solve it? A battle rap track…..against himself!

That track is called “Go!” and right after that we get an interlude where Till receives a bunch of phone messages telling him to do different things (if you listen close enough you can actually hear ME on there!). Now after the interlude the album takes a turn. Till starts to prevail over his self-condemning thoughts and allows himself to be Free.

“This I Believe” is one of my favorites on the album because of the message conveyed. Now that I think about it the messages on this album can be taken in many different ways, which allows the listener to go back and listen because there is a lot to learn with this album. “This I Believe” is the letting go of self-condemning thoughts and the opinions of other people. It also gives the message that we’re ok as we are, yes we’re all flawed, we all make mistakes but the only thing we can do is try our best and let God handle the rest.

I believe the most important track on this album is “Be the Church” which I must say I agree with wholeheartedly. We as Christians should be the church. Church is there for us to fellowship and build together as Christians and make us better. And Till mentions this at the end of the album but if you’re church isn’t doing that, why are you there? Now in terms of us as Christians being the church, what I took from the song was that when we leave church, we need to keep what we learn in church in effect as we’re living our lives. I know a lot of us (myself included) sometimes go to church and participate in the singing and praying and good behavior but the minute we step out our behavior changes. Being the church means that we worship, serve and follow God even when we’re not in church. That was the message that I got from A Beautiful Break.

A Beautiful Break is a great record with many inspiring messages that encourages multiple listens in order to get everything the record is trying to tell you. The beats are solid and Till’s lyricism is different than most of what you hear in the hip hop world making it one-of-a-kind. The album isn’t classic, but it’s definitely a solid effort from the emcee. Go buy A Beautiful Break because we all need to learn the lessons that are taught on this album.


Many lessons to be learned on this record which encourages multiple plays!

It’s a different and unique record, that can’t be duplicated



Seems to go by really fast!

Rating: 4/5 (Good Album, Go Get It)

~ by Michael Stover on June 21, 2010.

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