Review Special Edition: The Roots “How I Got Over”

So while a lot of people were listening to Drake and Eminem’s new albums, I was rocking The Roots new album How I Got Over which I had been anticipating for a real long time. The Roots definitely do things differently than the rest of hip hop and do this very well. HIGO is the group’s 9th Studio album I believe and I promise you this the album will not let an fan of hip hop or music down.

One thing The Roots get flack for is the fact that their recent stuff isn’t exactly like the days of Illadelph Halflife. I don’t know if you guys realize but that record was released about a decade ago, I think they have a right to change their sound if they want to. The change of sound on HIGO is a bit darker than their previous release Rising Down, but it works just the same. Let’s dive into the actual music.

I’m actually gonna skip to “Dear God 2.0” which is the second single of the album. People for some reason believe that this song is a cover, (a cover is an exact duplication of a song) The Roots took “Dear God” which was originally made by Monsters of Folk and made it their own. I like what Black Thought did with the track and The Roots made the beat mellow and dark which goes well with the lyrics. That’s another thing I want to talk about: The Production. The recording of the sounds you hear on the album were done live, I believe with the whole band recording the sounds at once and it sounds real nice on the album.

“Now or Never” brings Roots veteran Dice Raw in to sing the hook for this track, I don’t think it was the best written hook, but I still liked it (I’m a little bias because I’m a big Dice Raw fan and still waiting for him to release a SOLO RECORD). I also anticipated listening to this track because Phonte of Little Brother is on this track. The three of them (Dice, Black Thought and Phonte) make this track special and a must listen. I got the message of “change” on this track and how it can be difficult, but a lot of the times we just have to accept it.

I’m going to skip the track “The Day” just to leave an air of mystery in this review, but go listen to it we get guest verses from Blu and Phonte. A track that must be mentioned in this review is “The Fire” featuring John Legend. This is a great track and it gets me excited for the fact that The Roots are actually handling John Legend’s next record. Black Thought kills the verses as Mr. Legend sings the hook and it’s about keeping the Fire in your life not letting anyone (including yourself) but the fire out on your dreams.

Towards the end of the album it’s cypher time with Black Thought and Roots fam Peedi Peedi and Truck North. Needless to say the three of them rip the beat to pieces and is once again a must listen to on the album.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this How I Got Over is an amazing and dare I say CLASSIC album. This isn’t just throw some beats together, grab some well known guests, drop some rhymes and release a record, it’s much more than that. You can just hear the time and effort put in to this record. Fans were freaking out (myself included) about why the record was taking so to be released. But after listening to this record eight times in the past 24 hours (not kidding), this album should be consider a classic not just in hip hop but in music! I can’t stress enough how the amazing the sound is. The album is creative, contains lyrics that you expect from The Roots crew and the whole album flows seamlessly. So do yourself a favor stop reading this review and go buy The Roots How I Got Over sit back and ENJOY!


The sound on this album is amazing, jazzy and creative

The album flows well together

Guests! Phonte, Blu, Peedi Peedi, STS, John Legend and more

No filler tracks!


So will there be a 10th studio album?

Once again I’m bias but there were not enough Dice Raw verses!

Rating: 5/5 (Classic, BUY MORE THAN ONE COPY!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Tracks

1. How I Got Over feat. Dice Raw
2. Radio Daze feat. Blu, P.O.R.N and Dice Raw
3. Now or Never feat. Phonte and Dice Raw
4. The Day feat. Blu, Phonte, Patty Crash
5. Web 20-20 feat. Peedi Peedi and Truck North

~ by Michael Stover on June 25, 2010.

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