2-Year Anniversary Podcast

So two years ago, I started a blog and a podcast (I’ll get into more details on a later post), but here’s a podcast that features some of my favorite music that has been played on the podcast over the past two years. Thank you guys soo much for the support.

Click to Download

Song- Artist (Album)

Let Go feat. Supastition and The Masterminds- Braille (Shades of Grey)

Keep Pace- Mr. J (of gods and girls)

Altitude- Sev Statik and Dust (Back to Dust)

Heart Art- Sharlok Poems (Blooming Sounds)

2 Cents- The Tunnel Rats (Tunnel Vision)

The Way We Walk feat. Mouf Warren- Sintax (Simple Moves)

Can’t Stop The Bumrush- Surreal (Future Classic)

Earl Grey feat. Sivion- Freddie Bruno (The Ballpoint Composer)

Stay True. Motivate feat. Cas Metah- EDM (Def Defying Mixtape)

Moonlighting- Scribbling Idiots (The HaveNots)

Decisions feat. Sivion and Holmskillet- Theory Hazit (Extra Credit)

Seasons Change feat. Ruffian and Mouf Warren- Cas Metah (Providence Road)

I Still Love H.E.R- Sivion (The Spring of the Songbird)

Axe to Grind- DeepSpace5 (Unique Just Like Everyone Else)

Miss January- The Procussions (5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)

Mind Power- Ohmega Watts (The Find)

Confessions feat. Tiffany Simpson- Acts 29 (Underexposed)

Outro feat. John Reuben, RedCloud, Pigeon John, Sojourn and Manchild- Lightheaded (Pure Thoughts)

~ by Michael Stover on June 30, 2010.

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