2nd-Year Thank Yous

Two years ago during the summer, I had wanted to start another WordPress blog except this time I wanted it to last. I had two blogs in the past with the persona of black yeti (you know because I’m black and 6’5) one was my own personal video game blog and the other was a video game podcast blog with some friends of mine (Skull Apple Blog). But this time I wanted to do something that lasts, a couple years before I started the blog my cousin introduced me to Christian Hip Hop. I learned very fast that Christian Hip Hop wasn’t really popular, so I figured why not start a blog on Christian Hip Hop.

I actually was going to make it a mix of video game news and Christian Hip Hop reviews. The video game thing kind of fizzled out, but the reviews kept coming, I received a couple comments and actually one from Sphere of Hip Hop’s creator and facilitator Josh “Plastic”.

I kept writing reviews and I did a review on Theory Hazit’s Lord Fire and the review got a lot of views (it’s the second most popular post on the blog). Eventually Paradox of dropsciGIANTS contacted me and asked me to review his album and sent it to me. It was at that point that I really committed myself to the blog. I would write reviews for new releases and dedicating podcasts to said releases. The blog got more popular and the podcast was semi-popular.

The one thing I asked Paradox to do after I reviewed his stuff was to spread the word of what I was doing. That’s when Change contacted me to review his new EP and then I interviewed him. My writing has gotten good feedback and now I’ve been blessed enough to write for the Christian Hip Hop website Rapzilla.com

Here I am two years later and I’m still doing the same thing, I’ve had over 10,000 views in the past view years and I can’t think everyone for the support they’ve given me and I’ve got to thank God of course for introducing me to this. I’ve been blessed to talk to artists that I’ve only imagined talking to and hope to continue to build with everyone that reads this blog along with the artists I support with it.

I’m not stopping anytime soon, so shoot me an email at ms209531@gmail.com if you’re looking for me to review stuff, questions, or even if you’re a reader and just wanna chat it up. Also friend request me on Facebook: Michael Stover.

-Peace and God Bless
Michael Stover

~ by Michael Stover on June 30, 2010.

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