LMNO and Theory Hazit are “Determined to Fly” (Review)

LMNO continues his journey to release 10 albums this year, the list of big names he’s working with continues to grow (LD of Technacali, Georgia Anne Muldrow of SomeOthaShip, Dert of The Tunnel Rats and Kev Brown of The Low Budget Crew). Now Scribbling Idiot Theory Hazit joins the list of veteran producers that LMNO works with this year. The duo has never met so let’s see what happens when bring together these two veterans and make a 10-track album out of it.

Lucky for Theory Hazit fans (like myself) we get hear rhymes from the Cincinnati native too. One thing I love about this album of the bat is the production. Every time I think I know what to expect with a Theory Hazit beat, he always surprises me. “Full Motion” is the second track of the album and it’s my favorite of album. I can’t even explain the beat, but it’s one that you’ll like. Honestly LMNO and Theory Hazit sound like they’ve been rapping with each other for a long time (for those that don’t know the two actually teamed up on the track “It’s So Sweet” from Theory’s record Modern Marvels).

A problem I had listening to the album was that I really didn’t feel there was that much in terms of a message. Most of the beats were great, and the lyricism is clever, reminds me a bit of Little Brother in terms of chemistry. But with Theory’s record I always come away thinking about something, whether it’s my life, my walk with Christ etc. And LMNO tends to the same thing with his past records and I haven’t really seen it since fOnk Garden (which I still think too many people are sleeping on!).

With what was said, I think this is a slightly above average record, “Head Banger” is another track with lyrical talent and features Wildchild (who also appeared on the last Theory record Modern Marvels). LMNO and Theory Hazit switch lines back and forth and show their elite emcee status.

The title track “Determined to Fly” was another favorite of mine and I believe this was the only track that would make the listener take a step back and take a look at the world we’re in. This was the LMNO and Theory Hazit that I would’ve liked to hear more of on the record. Like I said Theory kills the production on this album and this track is no exception.

This record might’ve been better if I didn’t feel like the duo did the same thing that LMNO and Kev Brown did. Dope beats, clever lyricism but lacking something in terms of a message with most of the songs. I also wish some the duo would’ve brought some more guests on the album. All in all if you’re fan of Theory Hazit production grab this project. I still rotate this project because of the clever message, but if you’re looking for a deeper message that stays with you, you should look elsewhere.


Theory Hazit Beats…..need I say more!

Clever lyricism

“Full Motion”


Clever Lyricism…..but didn’t we hear this with LMNO and Kev Brown?

No songs really grabbed me……spiritually or emotionally.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Fans of the artist will like this, Beats are fire, lyrics don’t grab you though)

If You Can’t Buy The Album, Download These Songs

Full Motion

Determined to Fly

Head Banger feat. Wildchild

Party People


~ by Michael Stover on July 3, 2010.

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