Mouth Warren “Arbitrary Position” Review

Mouth Warren of SI, is my favorite emcee of all time period. His flow is flawless and he does things in a way that most emcee don’t. I first heard him on the Sintax track “The Way We Walk” and he killed it. I then went on to learn that he was part of Scribbling Idiots and on there he was killing it constantly. Eventually I went out to see if he had any solo work out, the answer was no. Luckily in the past year Mouth Warren released an EP called “Arbitrary Position” with beats by Theory Hazit, Intellect and more.

It’s only five songs so he doesn’t have 15 tracks to pull in the listener but fans have been waiting for this for a long time. The EP starts off with “Types and Shadows” which is where Mouth raps about his life before Christ which had me hooked immediately. He lets the listener entirely into his life and just proves the grace of God and how he can sinners like us into his followers.

“Idiotic Trotters” is up next and shows the funny side of my favorite emcee and for good measure brings along his Scribbling Idiot and Analog Amazon partner Cas Metah for this one. If you haven’t listened to Mouth or SI before they a pretty chill yet funny group of guys and this track shows it.

“The Formulie” (see what he did there) is another good track on the album and to me is kind of a shot at how mainstream rappers do their work today. The EP is a good example of Mouth’s storytelling ability and this track shows it also. He depicts scenes to the point where the listener should be able to see characteristics of the characters in his stories depicted almost perfectly.

“AEIOU” is the last song on the EP and the track was produced by Theory Hazit. The only thing I don’t like about the SI EPs that are being released is the fact that some of the tracks are pretty old. “AEIOU” is one of them, I heard this track on the Sphere Podcast a while ago and while it was a good song I believe the EPs should be new music from the members. The Motion Plus EP Golden Rule was the same with “Bugging Out 10’” which was actually from Motion’s Heart On My Sleeve EP which was released in 2009. However “AEIOU” is a good track and one that you should listen to.

Mouth Warren doesn’t exactly bring it on this EP and while it’s a decent listen when you release an EP you gotta bring the heat ASAP. I’m not talking about bangers, but I mean five songs that will be consider amazing amongst the listeners. He doesn’t exactly do that here. However from what I’ve heard Mouth is working on a solo LP project as we speak, I REPEAT MOUTH IS WORKING ON A SOLO LP PROJECT AS WE SPEAK! Buy this $5 EP to keep you at bay till he releases his LP.


Finally a Mouth solo project

Mouth lets down all walls to his life and lets the listener into it


Beats all kind of sound the same

I didn’t really feel Mouth went Hard on this album

Rating: 3/5 (Fans BUY it, some will love it, some won’t)

~ by Michael Stover on July 9, 2010.

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