Illete the 7th Grader

Illete the 7th Grader, who is the dude? Not many people know him (which upsets me, but you’ll find out later). He reigns in Cincinnati where Wonder Brown and Theory Hazit used to live. I found out about this guy through the Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast earlier this year, so when I got the album I was excited. The album is 10 tracks deep with production from Theory Hazit and John Grgas. Let’s jump into Illete’s debut album Moodswings.

Illete has a flow that I haven’t heard in a while, it’s pretty fast almost to the point where I have to go back and listen to songs numerous times (this is a good thing BTW). The first two tracks showcase the emcee’s speed and lyrical ability. After those tracks comes one of my favorite tracks that I’ve been spinning for a good year now “Satisfaction” which features Scribbling Idiot Wonder Brown and was produced by John Grgas. This is my first time hear Mr. Grgas on the beats and he’s real nice with it. With “Satisfaction” the beat has a nice atmospheric feel to it (as best explained by the Sphere review). The lyricism just blew me away and took this song to levels unknown. The song is all about the struggle that we as Christians have in our walk with Christ. All barriers are down in this song and he just tells you exactly how he feels or has felt in the past and it’s amazing. This is a must listen for the album.

After “Satisfaction” we are blessed with an interlude featuring DJ Wise, Mike B and Tobotius it’s all just scratches and cuts. Following the interlude is another favorite track of mine called “Who?” featuring John Grgas (who sings the hook and produced the beat). And it’s once again Illete dropping the barriers and just rapping about how he isn’t exactly happy with himself and the person he is. You can hear the frustration mixed with humor in this song and the beat changes with the chorus and then enters the piano. This song is one of the best on the album!

The title track “Moodswings” allows for Cypher Time! Illete is joined by Manchild or Mars Ill and DeepSpace5 along with Nebula (who I last heard on Cas Metah Providence Road). They all kill it, Illete is just superb emcee in terms allowing the listener to know exactly how he feels about his life, Christ and the world around him. And of course ManChild always kills it, and Nebula’s verse makes me want to hear a solo project from this guy. Now the only downside to this track and some parts of the record are mastered poorly. However on the “Moodswings” track the poor mastering actually works and has kind of grimy hip hop feel to it which rocks!

At the end of the day I honestly think this one of the most slept on records like ever. From what I’ve heard people aren’t really supporting the album and you really should, Illete doesn’t hold anything back, he’s 110% honest with the listener and people need to stop sleeping on John Grgas because his beats are unique but FIRE at the same time. You guys are lucky the album is free now, but I’d strongly suggest throwing the guy some bones for this record.


Illete is honest with the listener and it’s to hear people struggling with the same things that we all do.

John Grgas and Theory Hazit bring the HEAT!


Poor Mastering and Mixing


~ by Michael Stover on July 11, 2010.

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