reSEARCH “Identity Theft” Review

ReSEARCH is part of the new group drop.sci. GIANTS and it was on their EP that first heard ReSEARCH. Actually I looked up his album on before the drop.sci release and was intrigued by what I saw. So when I received his album Identity Theft, I listened to it a couple times and here’s what I got.

We are introduced to the emcee in the first two tracks and then “Image of Me” comes up and that’s when we get a chance to dive into the life of ReSEARCH. MotionPlus produced the joint and it’s when you learn this record is mostly going to be a “heart on your sleeve” type deal, which I personally love. You can hear the pain and life struggles from ReSEARCH. I think the song is about how he would like to be an image of whatever God wants him to be.

Skip a few tracks and we come to the track “The Good Die Young” produced by HiLife. ReSEARCH lets the listener know why he’s making the music he makes. He also gives us insight to the life he had before he started making music, it’s that life that made him who he is today. The last verse is about his love for hip hop and how some rappers are destroying everything that hip hop is about.

“Keep It Right” is another favorite track of mine, he talks about all the distractions that we run into on this walk we have with Christ. From drugs, to sexual crime and more. We need to keep our minds right and stay focused on Christ.

My number one favorite track on this album is “Weary”, when you listen to this track, you can help but relate to it. I listened to this track numerous times and you can hear the pain and frustration in his voice. The beat was done by Critical Juncture, he utilizes the piano and ya’ll already know I love piano mixed in with any beat. The darkness and pain of this song match perfectly with the beat. This is a must listen to on the album.

“It’s Like” is all about what’s wrong with the hip hop game right now and how ReSEARCH keeps it real with what made hip hop back in the day. Theory Hazit made the beat and if anyone can tell me what song Shortop made his cuts from I will give you…..well nothing. But I do know that the song he cut was used on the Theory Hazit and EF Cuttin project.

Now I’ve only been emceeing for a little over a year now, but I’ve learned that if you are personal in your rhymes and express the pain you’re feeling and the weakness one has, people will judge, call you names and the like. ReSEARCH came with a rebuttal to this in the track “Htown Is For Haters”. The track is a battle track and he shows that just because we have weakness and pain, Christian emcees are still HARD!

This is a great record, like I said before it’s “heart on your sleeve” rap, he kind of reminds me of Motion Plus and the Providence Road album from Cas Metah. I really liked this album and this is one that true hip hop fans will appreciate. The only I would’ve wished for is more guest appearances but I also think that when you’re that personal most of it should be handle on a solo tip. From a production standpoint there are so many different people on it, but it works perfectly and meshes well together. From what I’ve heard ReSEARCH has a whole bunch of stuff coming out this year so go buy this album and then get ready for more music from the ShadowFacts and drop.sci emcee.


Mad personal!


Production from Vintage, Theory Hazit, Sean P and more


Not a lot of guests

Rating: 4/5 (Real Nice Record BUY IT!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Go Buy These Songs

1. Weary

2. The Good Die Young

3. Stylin’

4. Long Road

5. Goodbye

~ by Michael Stover on July 13, 2010.

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