Like Free Music?

So this year is turning out to be amazing in terms of free music. I thought I’d update ya’ll on some pretty dope free stuff that is out right now!

Sev just released his “School Shooting” EP on his website for free. It’s seven tracks of all new material. Plus most of his old stuff including the class “Speak Life” album is one his site for free.

Playdough also just released a new mixtape for people that are still waiting for a full-LP from the DeepSpace5 member!

The Humble Beast site is finally up and running and they have 5 free albums for you to download. Surreal’s Future Classic album, Sivion’s Spring of the Songbird album, Braille’s Cloud 19 album, Odd Thomas’ Devine Use of Animosity and Ridicule Record and Propaganda’s “I Am Not Them” EP.

I posted this link before, but it’s been updated since the last time I posted it, since then Oddisee has released his EP “Odd Spring” which is amazing. Along with some other instrumentals!

This has also been updated since i last posted, Don Will and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan released a little project together called the Sandwich Shop!

Well his free EP isn’t out yet, be on the look out for Nomis’ new EP it features Cas Metah, ManChild and more!

Trek Life who’s worked with Oddisee, LMNO and many more has a couple mixtapes out for free along with an EP produced entirely by J.Bizness. Download NOW!!!

The Gallows is considered to be one of the best projects to be released last year, the EP is produced by PumpkinFoot and it’s honestly unlike anything we’ve heard for a while in CHH.

~ by Michael Stover on July 21, 2010.

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