Nomis “Rosario Dawson EP” Review

Nomis, part of the super group of tomorrow Gallery Drive and is an established veteran in the Christian Hip Hop realm. The emcee has two full albums under his belt and has worked with the likes of Sev Statik, TheBreax, Wonder Brown and so much more. Nomis is back after his sophomore effort to release The Rosario Dawson EP. 10 tracks of Nomis with guest appearances from ManChild, Blame One, Deadmanwalking and more.

I’ve always been a fan of Nomis, I have both of his full projects he has the “heart on his sleeve” vibe about him and is just an honest emcee. The one problem I did have with his projects was the production. His rhymes were always smooth and always made the reader think after listening to him, but the production never really drew me in. Well let me tell you with The Rosario Dawson EP, the beats are FIRE and I think this is an EP that Nomis’ fans have been waiting for.

Being 10 tracks deep Nomis has to bring the heat lyrically and production-wise right away and he does that. “Count On Me” is good track to get the ball rolling on this EP, Nomis basically says “Guess what I’m human, I have flaws and have done wrong, but you know what with Christ on side you can count on me”. I’m not entirely sure what song was sampled on this track, but I do know K-Drama used it on his album Boombaptism don’t freak this isn’t a bad thing at all because the beat is still it’s own and Nomis kills it.

“The Legacy” brings well known emcee Blame One on the track and it just helped me think of a message that I heard saying that every single of one of us will leave a legacy when God calls us home no matter what. What do you want yours to be? Both emcees rap about the legacy that they want to leave through the words that they speak. I rotated this track so many times on my first listen of the EP (which explains why it took me so long to write this review).

Of course after listening to “The Legacy” a billion times, my ears were blessed with “Nobody” which is my second favorite track on the EP. Life is struggle, we come into the world as sinners and with being held back by our human thinking. Nomis tackles the struggle of life in this track and brings along Cas Metah (of Scribbling Idiots) and Deadmanwalking (who was on Cram Session 5 ß if you don’t have that yet, go get already it’s amazing). All three mesh real well on this track and for those who don’t know who Deadmanwalking is (I didn’t know till after hearing Cram Session 5) listen to this track he’s real nice with it.

Nomis ends the Rosario Dawson EP on an extremely LOUD note, in the best way possible. “On Behalf Of The Slienced” is my favorite track on this EP and is one that everyone should be able to relate to. This track reminds me of the past work Nomis has done, the production fits the track perfectly and the message is even better. We live in a very dark world and we don’t hear a lot about the darkness in it. This is what I love about Nomis, he conveys his thoughts so clearly that you can’t help but listen and be moved by what he says.

The Rosario Dawson EP is in my opinion Nomis’ best work (though I haven’t heard the Gallery Drive album yet but on a solo tip this is the best) no joke. I always said that Nomis just needed better beats and he would blow up and I was right. Nomis has never had a problem lyrically and the dude has stepped up his game yet again. The Rosario Dawson EP has everything in it, guests, production and nice lyricism. Nomis’ fans will love this Ep, however it lacked only one thing…..a verse dedicated to TreyQuel (he’s done on two projects what happened to it). Anyway go download the EP it’s free and should have people psyched for whenever the Everyday Hero decides to release a full LP!



Nomis takes it to next level, best stuff since the Forgotten Heroes album (another classic BTW)

Production is fire!

“On Behalf Of The Slienced”


I honestly can’t think of anything!

Rating: 4/5 (It’s Real Nice and It’s Free DOWNLOAD NOW!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on August 3, 2010.

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