TheBreax “Restocked” Review

I’ll admit I slept on theBreax HARDCORE before I listened to Restocked a couple years ago. The sad part is, is that I slept on them because they looked more mainstream, but like people always say, looks can be deceiving. The first track I ever heard from TheBreax was “Success” and that’s what sold me on the group. TheBreax are made up of Ruslan and Beleaf along with their extended family which includes Mikel Anthony, Proverb the Poet and more. Restocked is the group’s third album, so let’s jump in and see what you have to look forward to.

First off, the production is different than most of the artists that I cover on this blog and that’s a good thing because good production is still good production. TheBreax have it covered with beats that will force you to crank up your stereo and let everyone know that you’re listening to TheBreax. “For What” is the second track on the album and Nathan Soultrain gives you an amazing beat. Ruslan and Beleaf rap about themselves as a group and asking the question “Why do you wanna be like them, when you should be like Him” (Him clearly referring to Christ).

“Classic Music” was the joint that when I first got the record I couldn’t get past this song for a real long time (one of the reasons it took me so long to review). The beat has heat and soul making it a soulful banger. I think the track explains why theBreax do music, they’re out to touch lives and bring people to Christ. This is definitely one of my favorites off the album.

While there are some good uses for the media, I honestly believe that a good chunk of the media is hurting us not helping us. That’s what the track “Broken Television” is all about. I love watching TV as much as the next guy, but I do believe that the media is influencing us in ways that I don’t think God wanted the media to be used for.

I’m going to skip all the way down to the track “Perspective” (mostly because of space conflicts, I’d be surprised if ya’ll are still reading this review). This track speaks loudly to people who complain about where we are in life (myself included). Ruslan wasn’t born in America (don’t worry the dude’s not an alien ok don’t freak out on me) and “Perspective” tells us all about the things that he had to go through to get to where he is. I couldn’t help but think that my life wasn’t near as hard as his and I complained a lot. Here’s one of the lines that hit me like a brick!

I ain’t never been stabbed, ain’t never been shot
Ain’t never been kicked, ain’t never been dropped
For the life of Christ my life ain’t seen half that
So I’m ok with occasionally being laughed at
In China your faith could hinder your survival
In the US teens get teased for carrying their Bible
Stop complaining, we sound amusing
Very few us have seen real persecution

So many things can be taken away from those eight lines and it wraps up a song that I will continue to rock for a very long time.

“I Cried” is another great song on the album and it’s about the struggles that we go through as Christians but also the fact that our journey to learn about Christ is never over. We can never know EVERYTHING there is to know about Christ. It’s also about how we are flawed an though we try and try to stay in line with God we fall constantly. Ruslan once again comes with a quotable line that’s a favorite of mine.

“You see something good in me know that’s Christ
If you see something bad know that that’s my life,
That’s me, I let many down,
and I pray that my sin doesn’t keep you from coming around”

I was going to end my review here but there’s no way I could without mentioning “Success” which features Sojourn (of Future Shock), Proverb the Poet and Big Rec. This track is fire, it’s my #1 favorite on the album. The title explains it all, but I believe each emcee gives their definition of success. It’s real hard to decide because each emcee brings it on this track but I think Big Rec had the best verse on that song. Either way listen to it and will enlighten you on what our definition of Success should be.

Restocked is a great album one that you should have in your rotation for a long time (unless the group’s next album is even better)! The group brings fresh production and lyrics that should have the listener looking at their lives and rededicating their lives to Christ. I strongly suggest buying it because theBreax are a unique group and your not going to find an album that sounds like this one…..unless you go out and get their sophomore album When TheBreax Sold Out.


Unique Fresh Beats

Top Notch Lyricism



Some beats aren’t as catchy as others

Rating: 4.5/5 (Amazing Album…..Almost Classic!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

1. Success feat. Sojourn, Proverb the Poet and Big Rec

2. Classic Music

3. Perspective

4. Seasons

5. Get Ignorant Remix feat. Braille, Nomis, Theory Hazit, Sev Statik and more!

~ by Michael Stover on August 11, 2010.

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