Peace 586 “aBle” Review

Peace 586, Tunnel Rat, producer of the first Tunnel Rats album ‘Experience’ and the producer for the classic LPG record ‘Earthworm’. He has numerous solos under his belt and his beats can found on numerous projects. Then Peace took a break from music, but in the last couple of years he’s had a resurgence, he had a beat tape come out last year called  ’heAr’ and produced a couple tracks on fellow Tunnel Rat Griffin’s record ’Samson. Peace is back now with another beat tape in his series called ’aBle’. Follows more or less the same formula as ’heAr’ with a couple differences.

I honestly wasn’t feeling his last release ’heAr’ it all sounded the same and I didn’t think there was much creativity put into the beats. However let me tell you right now that ’aBle’ is completely different. I really think Peace brought it on this one, the tape is more chill in terms of the soundscapes he creates. That doesn’t mean that the project lacks heat, because Peace has no problem bring bangers on the tracks that feature other Tunnel Rats.

After ’Say Word’ which features Tunnel Rats Propaganda and Sev Statik we get the instrumental track ’Psalm 89’ which if you know is all about the love that God has for all of his children. I felt I was listening to an RJD2 record with Peace 586, because you get a bit of speech from Peace 586.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is ’I Lo Veu’. The beat has a very atmospheric feel to it. This track was one of the reasons it took me about two hours to go through this entire album. The track just takes you to a different place and it can only make you feel good.

If you know anything about the mythos of Christian Hip Hop than you should know Jurny Big. Jurny Big hasn’t been on a record since his 2003 solo release. A lot of people were stunned when Jurny made an appearance Zane’s ’L.A Woman’ and then again on Peace 586’s ’heAr’. Jurny made a statement ’aBle’ and he’s letting us know that he’s officially back. Jurny appears on the tracks ’The Battery’ (which is also the title of an EP that Peace and Jurny are putting together) and ’Children’. These are the tracks that are bangers on the album and should not be passed over and in fact should be listened to numerous times.

A couple more tracks in we get more guest features from Sev Statik, Griffin and Sojourn and then we bounce right into more beats. ’Jay Jay’ I believe is where you can really hear the difference between this record and his last record. At first at actually sounds like it could be on ’heAr’ but then Peace flips just by adding a jazzy part to it. Adding just that little part just made the track a must listen.

The album ends with the title track and is a perfect way to end this chill album. The beats mesh real well together almost to perfection, the track features numerous Tunnel Rat members and is just the perfect relaxing record. However if you’re looking for bangers it has that too and appears to have a preview to the new EP from Jurny and Peace that should be coming soon. Pick this up if your looking for some chill hip hop with a bit of a jazzy feel to it.

~ by Michael Stover on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “Peace 586 “aBle” Review”

  1. Thanks for taking some time to listen to the Peace 586 project. We appreciate your feedback! God bless you brother.

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