JustMe X Deacon The Villain “Tragedy and Dope” Stream!!!

It’s finally out I’ve been playing both singles (“Serenity” and “The Prodigal”) on repeat for a couple weeks now and based off of my first listen the album is everything people would expect after hearing these singles. Deacon kills the production and the hooks and JustMe offers his best lyricism that I’ve heard from him (not kidding). I’ll have my review up as soon as college stops kicking my butt and I can legitimately sit down and just soak in this project. In the meantime listen to the whole record yourself right here and then buy it, it’s only $5 and for $3 more you can get the instrumentals (which I shall be buying BTW). Leave comments about the record here too. ENJOY!!! I will say right off the bat the only gripe i have so far is there’s no Cas Metah verse on the record (small gripe I know but still).

~ by Michael Stover on October 26, 2010.

One Response to “JustMe X Deacon The Villain “Tragedy and Dope” Stream!!!”

  1. This album is amazing!!! Very refreshing…

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