1st Annual Winter Break Review Session

It’s about that time hip hop fans, I’m gonna be home from college in about a week and that’s when I get on my reviewing and interviewing grind. So I thought I’d fill you guys in on the 1st Annual Winter Break 2010 at my blog site. This year’s Winter Break will feature a whole slew of reviews and the list is getting bigger as the year winds down. And if all goes well I’m trying to hook up interviews with some artists too. Here’s all the reviews that are going down this Winter! Also I’m gonna do some special edition reviews about some hip hop artists and crews from where I go to school (Athens, Ohio University).

Alabaster Kin (BillyBo and Change)- End of the Road EP

Afaar (of Gallery Drive)- Art of Word

Dave Santos- Stages

PND (Sareems Poems and DJ Dust)- Dirty Words

JustMe and Deacon the Villain- Tragedy and Dope

LMNO, KeyKool, 2mex- Blessing in Disguise

The Pride- On Def Ears

2ManTrio- Rocket Surgeons EP

Sivion and Dert- The Butterfly Sessions EP

Othello and DJ Vajra- The Required Taste

Vision1 (Research and Details)- Trials and Thorns

Shad- TSOL

Relic- The Green Light

Reviews for the Ohio University Fam

DC King of Hearts- Pain

Jean P- Rise and Shine

Dysfunctional Family- Family Feud

Special Edition Reviews! (tentative)

Yu- Before Taxes

Diamond District- In The Ruff

And more…….

Interviews (still tentative)

Research and Sareems Poems

~ by Michael Stover on November 16, 2010.

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